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BIM and augmented reality are the future of construction

BIM and augmented reality are the future of construction

Building in the 21st century – guided by BIM and augmented reality

Due to digitalization, the construction industry just like any other sector is facing major changes. BIM models, combined with new display technologies such as augmented reality, are playing an increasingly important role. Their interaction forms the basis for innovations that can not only contribute to shorter planning and construction times but also help to minimize errors and costs. Thus, an application like GAMMA AR offers the construction industry the opportunity to take advantage of new approaches in design, manufacturing, construction, and tracking that other industries have long since adopted.

GAMMA AR enables architects, planners, craftsmen, and other stakeholders to continuously control the construction process using the digital model. Displayed on a smartphone or tablet, the model is superimposed on the real construction process; analogous to the movements of the mobile device, the corresponding model section is shown. The simplified orientation, which provides a better overview, helps to avoid errors and ensures that construction can proceed according to plan. Any changes can be immediately transferred to the BIM model, thus creating a closed information loop. Thereby, it ensures that all stakeholders involved always work with the latest data.

What is the difference between GAMMA AR and previous workflows?

Conventional plan representations in plan or section lead to errors and misunderstandings continually, as they require the planning and construction participants to transfer the data into the spatial dimension. In contrast, the BIM-supported tool GAMMA AR offers an intuitively comprehensible, spatial representation through the use of augmented reality. Thus, the application follows our conviction that users are best served by an application that is not based on lists and tables but accompanies the thinking and working processes in a pragmatic and simple way. In this way, the application can best help to avoid errors and contribute to an increase in quality.

GAMMA AR also enables those involved in construction to keep pace with a digitalized world. Data is analyzed and interpreted at a previously unimagined speed, communication processes are accelerated many times over, and planning processes are becoming less and less linear. When using printed plans, it is hardly possible to meet these new requirements. A digital tool such as GAMMA AR takes these changes into account by not only ensuring a fast, safe and precise construction process but also by minimizing the administrative effort: Through the interplay of BIM data and augmented reality, GAMMA AR enables the equally economical and precise documentation of the construction process, thereby helping to reduce the workload of site managers and other responsible parties.

We are happy that many people are accompanying us on our way into the future of construction. Only together can we build a new, better world.

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