Choose your favorite building: Original Museum

Choose your favorite building: Original Museum

At GAMMA AR, we like to share knowledge and educate people about architecture and construction. Every month, we try to help our public to discover new architecture and their stories. This is why, today, in a weekly and fun game, we will present original and wonderful buildings. For this week (on 21st of July, 2021), the theme is Original Museum. Discover two beautiful museums, with their specific architecture, telling stories that are just as fabulous. 

1. Shigeru Ban’s Mount Fuji World Heritage

The Mont Fuji World Heritage Center is a museum located in the city of Fujinomaiya, Japan. 

The Mt. Fuji was granted UNESCO World Heritage status as it has “inspired artists and poets and been the object of pilgrimage for centuries”, reports the world class firm, Arup. On this occasion, a competition of 238 candidates was held to select the new design of the center. The winner was, Shigeru Ban, in collaboration with Arup. To remind of the iconic “Mt. Fuji”, the architecture is shaped like an inverted mountain. The center is open since 2017

Inside the building shaped like an inverted mountain is a spirally curved slope which leads gradually from the first floor up to the fifth. Viewing the exhibits as they ascend the slope, visitors can enjoy a virtual taste of the experience of climbing the mountain. When they reach the top (fifth) floor, there is an observation hall with a large picture window offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the real Mt. Fuji, which changes its expression from moment to moment. Springwater from Mt. Fuji is drawn into the Center building and used as an air conditioning heat source and is then channeled to the Reflecting Pool in front of the building, architecturally conveying the cycle of water on Mt. Fuji.” 

Shigeru Ban about the architecture

2. Oscar Niemeyer’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói

The Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, also known as MAC, is a museum of contemporary art in Niterói, Brazil. The project is designed by Oscar Niemeyer, assisted by Engineer Bruno Conni. The construction of the museum took five years and opened in 1996.

About the architecture: The circular form, suspended in front of Guanabara Bay with a spiral ramp, expresses in itself the power of the Museum as a place that celebrates the special meeting between the freedom of artistic creation and society as parts of the world-scape.

“The sea, the mountains of Rio, a magnificent landscape that I should preserve”. Second, “(…) And I went up with the building, adopting the circular shape that, in my view, the space required (…)”

“(…)And I felt that the museum would be beautiful and so different from the others that rich and poor would take pleasure in visiting it.”

Oscar Niemeyer / text translated from museum’s website


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