GAMMA AR for Building Handover

Easy and fast Building Handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover is a crucial step in the completion of a building. The handover documentation creates clarity for all parties and confirms finished work as well as work that still needs to be concluded. The handover documents represent a legal foundation for any conflicts arising about alleged construction defects and as such requires the utmost diligence and precision.

A well-done handover creates transparency and fends of unfounded claims, aiding builders, contractors, architects, structural, and MEP / HVAC engineers.

Building Handover for contractors with GAMMA AR

How GAMMA AR facilitates the Building Handover

By using augmented reality on building sites, the staff on the field can compare intuitively the 3D BIM planning and the actual construction to track progress and identify deviations. A precise building-component based documentation is created. GAMMA AR’s unmatched precision helps to deliver the handover documentation in unparalleled detail and speed. Information collected on the site can be integrated into the BIM models to have a truly BIM-based handover.

Digital Archive

An important feature for the Handover is that the information is securely archived and protected from tampering. Once information is saved inside GAMMA AR, the system will safely track and store any changes on the information, making it impossible to “cheat”. GAMMA AR supports open BIM methods and allows for all information to be exported as BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) helping organizations to access the data from GAMMA AR in other issue management systems.

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GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models to the construction site using Augmented Reality. It helps BIM Managers, Construction Site Managers, and other stakeholders to prevent errors and facilitate communication between the field and the office.

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