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How GAMMA AR is essential for Facility Managers

How GAMMA AR is essential for Facility Managers

You already have seen how GAMMA AR is helping BIM and Construction Managers. But not only. The solution is also intended to help Facility Managers in the operation of buildings. Find out how!

The Facility Manager takes charge of all the services related to the management of a site, once the building has been built. Changes are usually made to buildings over time and GAMMA AR is therefore the practical solution for this kind of management. Indeed, this changes can be put together and tested for consistency by using our tool. But let’s learn a little more about the features that are useful for Facility Managers.

The benefits of using GAMMA AR for the operation of buildings

There are many features that simplify the Facility Manager’s work in the operation of buildings. Indeed, GAMMA AR enables to detect objects that need maintenance more easily.

Also, it allows Facility Managers to document changes in the building and updating the model based on data created previously by GAMMA AR. This facilitates the handling of potential changes. The solution therefore can replace older CAFM tools.

As you can notice, GAMMA AR is not only for Construction management. The full potential of GAMMA AR can be accessed by using BIM Models for the operation of buildings.

By using BIM Models for the operation of buildings, it can improve processes for many Facility Managers.

Let’s take for example a simple task: a broken window.

To replace a broken window, a classical process requires either looking up information in a not easy to use CAFM system or plainly on a paper documentation. This takes time, is not very intuitive, and needs more effort.

The process in GAMMA AR is much easier. Only requiring you to just select the building component and do the necessary documentation using augmented reality on the site in just few minutes.

As you can see, GAMMA AR has many advantages for different stakeholders in the construction industry. If you have more questions about the product, we would be delighted to answer to you. Just send us an email at

If you have not seen it yet, watch how GAMMA AR works on the construction site:

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