Why GAMMA AR is the most powerful construction app in your pocket?

Why GAMMA AR is the most powerful construction app in your pocket?

GAMMA AR has many features to help construction managers and manufacturers monitoring on site and having all control of their construction process. Here are four reasons why GAMMA AR is the most powerful construction app in your pocket, and you should go with it now with a 30-day free trial.

1/ Brings BIM Models intuitively to the site

Working with GAMMA AR is the end of disorganized work where it seems complicated to find your way around.

With GAMMA AR solution, you can say goodbye to paperwork and welcome all your plans in one technologic device. The application uses the data contained in Building Information Models to overlay the worksite using augmented reality using mobile devices.

GAMMA AR prevent errors and networks thanks to 3D BIM model

2/ Connect field and office in real time

Connecting the field and the office in real time in construction is important. Something which is difficult when you do not have the adequate equipment. Thanks to the GAMMA AR application and GAMMA BIM PORTAL, all stakeholders can be involved easily in a project. All the information added in the application is synchronized with the office in real-time.

The application enables Construction site Managers, Facility Managers, BIM Managers, Architects, and other stakeholders to monitor the construction site and their progress.

The GAMMA BIM Portal connects the site to the office. It allows Planners and Project Managers to manage their projects, distribute files and assign tasks, due dates, and revisions states. This way, it facilitates the communication between stakeholders at different stages of the construction process.

3/ Prevent errors and rework

Finding construction errors early is a crucial step, as costs and time to fix errors can drastically increase if the errors remains undetected. More rework causes more expensive adjustments. GAMMA AR avoids this!

By visualizing the 3D BIM information before building, the application prevents the potential errors that you can see after building. With the application, errors on the construction site and in the BIM model can easily be detected and prevented from happening at early stages of the building process.

4/ Have all the information with you

With the application being available on phones and tablets, you will be enabled to bring all the information of your project anywhere with you. You can start your free trial now, whether you are on iOS or Android

In conclusion, GAMMA AR offers you more efficient and automated communication and management workflows.

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