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About us

Our story

As an architect, Caner Dolas, CEO of GAMMA AR, understands the field and its challenges. Jayan Jevanesan, the company’s CTO, leveraged his expertise as a computer scientist to bring the solution to life by developing the construction app.

Drawing on their personal experience and professional skills, they designed a construction app tailored to the needs of architects, BIM managers, construction managers, engineers, project managers, and other construction professionals.


Our clients associate GAMMA AR with security, transparency, and reliability. These values are not only essential to our brand promise but are also reflected in our team’s interactions.


We believe that true mastery and beauty can only be achieved via simplicity. This guiding principle informs everything we do, from the design of GAMMA Technologies to our internal and external communications.


We acknowledge our responsibility to drive sustainability as a brand, as part of the construction community, and as individuals—whether through everyday tasks or our solutions.


We know that our clients choose GAMMA Technologies for our expertise and innovative approach. It is our duty to nurture this trusting relationship through continuous curiosity, engagement with market leaders, and monitoring of technical advances.


We believe it is vital that all our interactions and collaborations are honest, transparent, and fair to all parties involved.

Our brand values

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Meet the founders

Caner Dolas

CEO & Co-founder

CTO of BIM Construction app GAMMA AR

Jayan Jevanesan

CTO & Co-founder