GAMMA starts at just $46* per month and user.

We offer two different models:
1. A user-based licensing model, where a user can have unlimited projects and models. We recommend this for construction site manager with multiple projects.
2. A project-based licensing model, where you get access to GAMMA AR for single projects, for an unlimited number of users. We recommend this for large projects.

Simply choose the model that fits your needs! Download the app and try out GAMMA AR for 30 days for free!

User-based licenses

Want to use GAMMA AR on your site today? Our user-based licenses are what you are looking for.
No hassle, easy to start and directly ready for you.
Just register, download the app and choose one of our plans and you are good to go!

GAMMA AR 3-Month License

$70/mo* * $210 billed quarterly

GAMMA AR 6-Month License

$65/mo* * $390 billed half-yearly

GAMMA AR 1-Year License

$46/mo* *$550 billed annually

Project-based licenses

Start using GAMMA AR and give your team a cutting-edge advantage.
Use GAMMA AR during construction and continue using it for facility management.
GAMMA AR serves a wide range of purposes.
Contact us to figure out the best solution for your project.

GAMMA Project

For your whole team
Get a quote 12 Month

GAMMA AR saves thousands of dollars by preventing errors like missing openings, colliding pipes and a lot more.

Trusted by the most prestigious construction companies world wide. Gamma provides an augmented reality powered BIM application that will save you many hours of work.

GAMMA AR saves at least $6000 monthly per Construction Site Manager depending on the project size.

GAMMA AR not only saves time, but also prevents costly errors such as costly concrete drillings.
At the end of the day, GAMMA AR provides you multiple times the value of it’s cost!

If we sparked your interest, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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