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Unlock the full potential of BIM with augmented reality on-site

GAMMA AR blends virtual and physical worlds. It brings your projects to life, streamlines collaboration, and makes rework a distant memory.

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GAMMA AR integrates seamlessly with your current workflows

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GAMMA AR app: more than just bringing BIM to the site

A glance into the future

Visualize your BIM model on the site before the construction starts.

Align virtual model and reality

Overlay the latest BIM model over the already existing construction structure.

Unambiguous component-based follow-up

Bring GAMMA AR to your jobsite today

No preparation needed

Connect to your Autodesk / Procore / BIMCollab project or upload your BIM model directly to the GAMMA BIM PORTAL. No reference points in the model needed, nor any QR codes or beacons to be installed on-site. Just download the app and off you go!


Works with complex models. Have a residential high rise? Great! A complex petrochemical plant? We got you!

Works offline and online with automatic synchronization when connected.

Easy to implement

Accessible to professionals across all skill levels and instant operability on-site.

No need for additional investment, GAMMA AR works on phones and tablets that you already have on the site.


Construction professionals across the globe choose GAMMA AR to render their projects more profitable and their operations more sustainable.

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