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The construction app designed to simplify your construction projects.

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Successful with GAMMA AR

The benefits of the construction app that revolutionizes the AEC industries

Overlaying of Planning to the jobsite

Create a better understanding of the planning directly on the jobsite by utilizing Augmented Reality.

Comparison of planning / field

Compare the planning to the actual field to see the differences between the design and the construction.

Connection of Information from the site directly to the BIM model

Bring the documentation from the site directly into BIM models for improved change management and as-built documentation.

Prevention of rework

By using the visualization of BIM models on the field, users are able to detect potential errors before they are built.

Quick delivery of information to the construction site

Get rid of printed plans and bring complete 3D models to the construction site for a better rendering of the model on site.

Extremely precise progress tracking

Track the construction progress on a building component specific level for precise progress reports.

the use of GAMMA AR on the construction site
Clients using GAMMA BIM PORTAL from construction app GAMMA AR

Collection & attachment of issue information to BIM building components

Report issues directly via specific building components inside the BIM model for unambiguous communication.

Easy communication between the field and the office

Communicate the information between the field and the office in real-time and using the BIM methodology.

Synchronize issues with BIM Collaborate / BIM 360

The construction app GAMMA AR supports IFC, Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Revit, and Autodesk Navisworks.

BIM model

The construction app GAMMA AR is dedicated to many stakeholders of the AEC industries

GAMMA AR aims to maintain the efficiency of the projects of construction but also data centers and pharmaceuticals. The construction app helps each of these stakeholders to build smarter and better buildings.

PORR AG using construction app GAMMA AR on Wien Museum renovation project

Success story

Read the story of a successful client of the construction app GAMMA AR, PORR AG, with the renovation of the Wien Museum.

Manage your Construction Projects efficiently with the construction technology GAMMA AR