The Most Advanced Construction Software

The Most Advanced Construction Software

GAMMA AR on iPhone iPad and Android devices. Visualizing BIM Information

Powerful, yet incredibly easy to use

See it before you build it

GAMMA AR helps you to prevent errors by visualizing the 3D BIM / VDC information before building it in reality.

Track progress

GAMMA AR allows you to track the construction progress easily and very intuitively.

BIM/VDC Attributes

No need for spreadsheets. All the information from your 3D BIM models is available in GAMMA AR.

Attach issues to components

Comment on every building component in your BIM / VDC model.

Show progress

GAMMA AR allows you to visualize phases from Autodesk Revit® of your construction process from the data in your BIM / VDC Model

Combine models

You can combine multiple 3D BIM models in one view.

Showcase your design

Showcase your design and walk through it with your client.

Tabletop presentation

Put a scaled model on a table for a easy to understand overview e.g. for your design reviews.


Connecting the construction site and the office

The GAMMA BIM Portal connects the site with your office. It closes the Information cycle by delivering your BIM / VDC Data to the site and bringing issues, comments, images from the site back into your BIM Models.
And it does this in realtime and automatically. No need to ask your co-worker to finally upload their data.

Manage states

With GAMMA AR, you’ve got it under control.
Define at which stage your issues are and manage them accordingly.

Assign tasks

Assign Tasks to your coworkers or other members of your project.

Connect platforms

Connect to Autodesk BIM360 Docs® and Autodesk BIM360 Field®.

Deliver Issues

Download issues using the BCF file format directly into Autodesk Revit®, BIMCollab®, Solibri® and other software.

If we sparked your interest, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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