The Construction App that delivers your projects in time and in budget

BIM AR construction app GAMMA AR on the jobsite
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The Construction App that delivers your projects on time and budget


The AR Construction App that will change the way you build

Save money and time now with an easy-to-use BIM AR Construction App that brings 3D BIM models intuitively to the field and allows you a clean and efficient construction.

Augmented Reality visualization

Prevent errors by visualizing the 3D BIM / VDC models on your device (iPhone, iPad, or Android) before executing the planning on the jobsite. In this way, it helps Architects, BIM Managers, Construction Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, and all other Construction disciplines to deliver their projects in less time and with higher quality.

Progress tracking / reporting

Track the construction progress on a building component specific level for precise progress reports. This allows stakeholders to get full transparency over the state of their projects.

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BIM / VDC Attributes

Instead of struggling with multiple printed plans and spreadsheets with scattered information, access all properties directly from the BIM models’ building components.

BIM-component based Issue Management

Report issues directly via specific building components inside the BIM model for unambiguous communication. In the old days, information was gathered manually from different sources. On GAMMA AR, all information is available in one place with clear documentation with images, descriptions, revision states, due dates, assignments, and precise location information, which leads to significant time savings.

Use GAMMA AR Online & Offline

Jobsites do not always have great connectivity. However, many tools in the construction sector require Internet access. With GAMMA AR, all stakeholders access information about their projects, whether they are online or offline.

Combine multiple models

Architects, Construction Managers, BIM Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, and stakeholders of other construction disciplines can visualize multiple federated models in GAMMA AR and combine them as they wish. By that, finding problems on the field is easy.

Screenshot of BIM Construction app GAMMA AR

Measure inside the model

Dimensions are an important part of the construction process. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right tool to measure. GAMMA AR allows users to measure inside the model, on the jobsite. This way, dimensional information can be accessed easily through the app to check if something diverts from the planning.

Visualize the construction progress

Visualizing the sequence of the construction processes makes it easy for the people on the construction site to facilitate understanding. And ultimately, preventing problems resulting from a wrong succession of steps.

Supporting the most used BIM file formats

GAMMA AR supports IFC, Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Revit, and Autodesk Navisworks.

BIM model


The Construction Management Software that connects your jobsite and your office with BIM

The GAMMA BIM Portal connects the jobsite with your office with a BIM based approach. With GAMMA AR, all the informaton collected on the field is delivered in real time on the GAMMA BIM PORTAL. And thus, allow the office to manage issues and progress information confortably.

Manage Tasks & RFIs

Assign and manage tasks with all the member of the projects.

Connect to Autodesk Construction Cloud, Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk BIM 360® and Autodesk Build®

Synchronize your models and issues with Autodesk Construction Cloud, Autodesk BIM Collborate Pro, Autodesk BIM 360® and Autodesk Build®

Interface of GAMMA BIM PORTAL of BIM construction app GAMMA AR

Export BCF, CSV, PDF

Download all issue information as BCF, CSV, PDF file format to communicate with stakeholders, either they are using BIM or more traditional approach.

Manage your Construction Projects efficiently with GAMMA AR