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Explore the future of construction with GAMMA AR

Witness your designs come to life as you explore them in real-time, overlaying them onto the actual construction site. With this level of visualization, you can identify clashes, optimize layouts, and make informed decisions. Take control of your projects like never before and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Setec BIMTech client on construction site with GAMMA AR
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of construction costs are dedicated to rework

It is an alarming statistic that highlights the tremendous financial burden and inefficiency plaguing the construction industry. Rework, whether due to design clashes, miscommunication, or inaccurate implementation, is a drain on resources, time, and money. It disrupts project schedules, inflates budgets, and hampers overall productivity. However, by harnessing the power of BIM and AR, we can transform the way construction projects are executed, minimizing rework and maximizing efficiency.

Focus on prevention of costly mistakes and significant improvement of site revisions

How much time our customers report to save with GAMMA AR

Coordination with subcontractors
Comparison plan vs as-built
Clash detection / crash comparison

Why you should go with GAMMA AR

Avoiding costly mistakes

Unambiguous communication

Enabling access to all skill levels

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