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US Infrastructure got US$100 million for digital construction technologies

US Infrastructure got US$100 million for digital construction technologies

The construction industry is the least digitalized. And yet, one which can benefit a lot from digitalization. This is about to change, especially in the USA, with this new bill, of estimatedUS$20 million and of US$100 million over five years to accelerate the implementation of construction technologies into AEC projects.
digital construction technologies for US infrastructure

After months of negotiations for the US$550 billion infrastructure bill, the legislative text of US President Joe Biden has been revealed. US$100 million are given for digital technologies (3D modeling software, project management platforms).

Great news for construction companies for which it will revolutionize the way they build. In our article on reasons why construction companies should go with a construction app for their projects, we remind the current traditional situation at construction sites with the paper plans. The results are a waste of time and money that solutions like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Augmented Reality solve already.

The construction app GAMMA AR, for example, allows overlaying 3D BIM models to the construction site thanks to Augmented Reality.

This new legislation is the perfect occasion for construction companies to innovate and improve the way they build.


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