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Construction management software for Architects

Build qualitative buildings thanks to a construction BIM software that brings your models to the jobsite

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architect using BIM software GAMMA AR

Successful with GAMMA AR

Oversee the entire construction project

In just a few clicks, bring your 3D BIM model on the jobsite and manage efficiently the project by creating issues on the object-based of the BIM model

Check that the design is executed as planned on site

Save time when on the construction site by creating issues for any problems occurred on the site and assign tasks to the team just in a click.

Communicate and coordinate easily with stakeholders

You can keep an eye on your projects, in distance thanks to issue created directly on the GAMMA BIM PORTAL.

GAMMA AR allows the BIM process to be extended to the construction site and also allows data to flow back. In this way we avoid mistakes and time-consuming manual rework.

Preview the construction before it is built

Bring intuitively your BIM models to the construction site and visualize through augmented reality every wall, pipe, object, element, etc. as built, before even building it. GAMMA AR will help you oversee the whole construction process and save you time and money.
Take your phone or tablet, select a space, wall, or column as a reference to position the BIM model, take a reference corner, and overlay the construction site with the model.

Architects / Construction Managers using GAMMA AR

Check that the design is executed as planned on site

Aim for better execution of your designs with GAMMA AR. After placing your BIM model on the actual construction site, easily check the differences between the design and the construction. You will have a clear view of the geometry, materials used for each object, and every property included in the planning. Concentrate all the information in one device instead of walking around multiple papers and spreadsheets.

Document and monitor the construction process

GAMMA AR helps you save time by making the construction process more efficient. Manage your construction site by monitoring the progress and documenting every potential deviation between the model and the jobsite. In an intuitive way, you can select objects and create issues including photo references, titles, and descriptions of the issues. You can then assign tasks to the team to manage those issues effectively. Monitoring and overseeing a construction process has never been easier!

Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of your projects shouldn’t be a headache. Many times, the process may get longer due to disputes with the clients or asset owners on the project completion. GAMMA AR gives you the possibility to conduct an easy and intuitive verification that everything has gone as planned. Access all the handover documentation and manage any pending tasks that may exist directly on your phone or tablet.

Facilitate communication between the office and the jobsite

Being able to assign issues to the right person providing precise information has always been a challenge. It’s not anymore. Communicating effortlessly with your team through GAMMA AR will make you reduce the “distance” between the office and the construction site. No more miscommunications, no more misunderstandings. Easily report the potential changes on the construction site by creating object-based issues on the BIM model and make sure your team is aligned at all times.

Different stakeholder of construction industry communicating with GAMMA AR

Stay on time and on budget

Track progress and manage issues easily and quickly for optimal construction management and save up to 10% of your construction costs. As an Issue Management tool, GAMMA AR will help you to prevent errors and rework, and thus, to stay on time and on budget.

Simple and easy to use tool for everyone

GAMMA AR is a tool made for everyone in the architecture industry. You do not need hours of training to understand the software, you just need 20 minutes, the time to watch our tutorials. It is very intuitive and simple to use.

Construction manager on site with GAMMA AR available on iOS and Android

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