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Augmented Reality for Construction – How it will save you up to 10% of your costs

construction worker showing augmented reality for construction

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How you lose money today in your construction projects without augmented reality

Using paper is obsolete

If you are still using paper plans and forms in your construction projects, then this is for you. The way today’s construction industry is losing money is mostly due to misinformation that leads to costly errors and rework. In 2021, paper plans and forms are the least effective ways to build and what cause misinformation and loss of money. To better understand why, here are few numbers about the cost of paper from Construction Business Owner:

– Per employee, the average cost is about 80$,
– It takes an average of 18 minutes to find a paper document,
– 70% of businesses would fail in 3 weeks if they, unfortunately, experienced a loss of paper due to fire or flood.

Construction budget spent for errors

Up to 10% of each construction budget is spent on errors. This follows our statement above about how paper plans can lead to errors, as they can be misread or lost, for example. Errors mean rework, and thus, ask for an extra budget to fix the issue.

Weak project data and communication

A construction project requires multiple teams and organizations that need to collaborate. Which means lots of data. Quickly, it can become a challenge with traditional ways of building. Indeed, 52% of actual rework is due to weak project data and communication, report Autodesk and FMI.

Time lost on non-optimal tasks

In the same report by Autodesk and FMI, more than 14h per week are lost on average on non-optimal tasks, divided as follows:

– 3.9 h dealing with rework
– 5.5h searching required information
– 4.7h solving problems

All we have previously seen is the results of the use of traditional way of building.

Augmented Reality for construction will improve your construction projects

AR for Construction is a powerful technology that helps improving and optimizing construction projects. With BIM technology only, you cannot exchange with virtual and reality. Now with the possibility to overlay your 3D BIM models thanks to Augmented Reality, AR for Construction is the future and the solution to construction projects.

Augmented reality brings BIM models to the construction site and give a real view of the planning of the construction projects

AR technology overlays all the data from a BIM model on the jobsite. It creates a better understanding of the planning and comparison of virtual and reality to see the differences between the design and the construction.

Augmented reality improves the communication between you and all the stakeholders of the construction projects

Using Augmented Reality technology improves the interaction between the many stakeholders of a construction project. For example, with the Enchanted Storybook Castle project that has counted in total 142 architects, engineers, and sub-contractors working on the project. Having this number of stakeholders on a project requires a better tool to communicate than paper and forms.

Augmented Reality brings all the project data easily to the construction site

3D tracking and positioning, real-time interaction, integration of the planning on the real field… AR technology, combined with BIM has many features. It provides real-time data easily to the jobsite, and thus, a better understanding of what should be build, and where. Working on the jobsite with AR and BIM offers an easiest and more efficient way of building.


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