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BIM and Augmented Reality for the renovation of the Wien Museum

Construction app on the Wien Museum
The renovation of the Wien Museum of a dimension of 14,200m2 has started in July 2020. To complete the construction effectively, which first opened in 1959, the consortium composed of PORR Bau GmbH, Elin, and Ortner are using the AR construction app, GAMMA AR. Zoom on an interesting construction project in Vienna that combines augmented reality and BIM.

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Augmented Reality and BIM for the renovation of the Wien Museum

With a comprehensive BIM strategy developed by a BIM Manager assigned to the project by pde Integrale Planung GmbH, the whole project is planned to be completed in 2023.

As explained by pde on their website:

The strategy includes the BIM-based coordination and organisation of the partial models in the course of the M&E plant and assembly planning and the steel construction works. Other aspects include coordinating and organizing collision-free BIM model planning and the provision of all required BIM documents and model (interim) statuses. The BIM manager is the first point of contact for all BIM issues within the project.

PORR AG using construction app GAMMA AR on Wien Museum renovation project
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Working on this BIM methods includes a lot of benefits to this project:

  • Regular model-based collision checks
  • Facilitating BIM planning meetings
  • Providing immediate BIM software support within the project team

Benefits of Augmented Reality and BIM for construction companies

We already know that Augmented Reality (AR) in general is helping a lot of industries. In the construction industry, augmented reality has started to prove itself in recent years.

In 2016, MIT Technology Review already reported that Augmented Reality is one of the best ways to improve construction companies’ productivity and ensure them a long-term result.

Here are a few benefits of Augmented Reality Construction App that should convince you to throw out your paper plans and get a Construction App that deliver real-time information, no matter where you are:

PORR AG using construction app GAMMA AR on Wien Museum renovation project
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Improve efficiency – In a world where more than half of workers have access to digital and smartphones, paper work is inefficient. Paper work costs a lot, can induce to errors, can be hard to read or lost easily. All these problems can be solved with one app that allows everyone to access the same information, anytime, anywhere. On mobile or tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android), it is possible to just take photos, record voice messages and videos and send them to the right department to let them know of any information.

Increase safety – Now with paper work, letting know the right people about safety issues is not an easy task. It can take days to get the information to the right department. During this even short time, accident and injuries can happen.

Improve communication – Basically, Construction Apps help to get a better communication and coordination between all the stakeholders of the project. All the information entered on the Construction App is automatically updated and shared with all the right departments. It allows to get the field and the office aware of every information, every time.

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In conclusion, AR Construction apps are the future of construction. It allows a better collaboration between the construction workers of a project and to not get lost with lots of paper work.


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