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Construction management software for construction companies

Prevent errors and rework by bringing your BIM models to the construction site using augmented reality.

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prevent errors and rework on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Prevent errors and rework

By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to see what has to be built and where it is supposed to be located, for more efficiency in your projects.

Track progress

By documenting and monitoring the construction site, you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your projects in few clicks.

Facilitate collaboration

Have a clear and transparent communication between all the stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity on your projects.

The GAMMA AR app is a great tool for efficient and speedy inspection and defect reporting on the construction site.

Get it right the first time

Avoid missing openings into the wrong wall in the wrong place and get it right the first time with GAMMA AR, by placing your BIM models on the construction site with your phone or tablet and overlaying it with augmented reality. Thanks to the app available on iOS and Android, you can see where objects must be built before building them in real life, which will save time avoiding errors and rework.

Architects / Construction Managers using GAMMA AR

Prevent errors and rework

GAMMA AR is a time and money saver. Track progress during the whole construction phase, and manage issues easily and quickly for an optimal construction management and save 10% of your construction costs. GAMMA AR allows to save time and money by preventing errors and rework on the jobsite. By viewing the BIM models on the construction site, GAMMA AR allows to see where objects must be built, and thus, avoid mistakes.

Facilitate communication between the office and the jobsite

Being able to assign issues to the right person providing precise information has always been a challenge. It’s not anymore. Communicating effortlessly with your team through GAMMA AR will make you reduce the “distance” between the office and the construction site. No more miscommunications, no more misunderstandings. Easily report the potential changes on the construction site by creating object-based issues on the BIM model and make sure your team is aligned at all times.

Different stakeholder of construction industry communicating with GAMMA AR

Issue Management

GAMMA AR allows to collect and attach issues information to BIM building components, and to assign tasks to the team to prevent errors and rework. With traditional methods, the information was gathered manually from different sources – paper plans, spreadsheets, which is inefficient. For example, the construction manager goes to the construction site and notice an issue. He will have to mention the error on his/her paper plans, at the right spot, then will have to come back to the office to contact by phone and/or email the right person. With GAMMA AR, you get the information in a unique place with clear documentation (images, description, revision states, due dates, assignments, precise location information). The construction manager creates an issue on the BIM building components, describe on the app the problem and assign to the right person in the team.

Have access to accurate data

According to a report from Autodesk and FMI, 52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. With GAMMA AR, your information is kept in one place instead of spreadsheets and plans that can be forgotten, lost, misread. Everybody has access to the same plan / model information, which allows that no information is left out. Finally, everybody has a view of where are all the issues, what kind they are, and directly on the BIM object, and this information is safely kept.

Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of your projects shouldn’t be a headache. Many times, the process may get longer due to disputes with the clients or asset owners on the project completion. GAMMA AR gives you the possibility to conduct an easy and intuitive verification that everything has gone as planned. Access all the handover documentation and manage any pending tasks that may exist directly on your phone or tablet.

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