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Construction management software for Data centers

Prevent errors and reworks by using Augmented Reality to place your BIM models precisely on the construction site

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construction management software for data centers

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prevent errors and rework on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Prevent errors and rework

By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to see what has to be built and where it is supposed to be located, for more efficiency in your projects.

Track progress

By documenting and monitoring the construction site, you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your projects in few clicks.

ensure deliverabilities with GAMMA AR

Ensure deliverables

Ensure that you deliver on time and on budget your projects.

The GAMMA AR app is a great tool for efficient and speedy inspection and defect reporting on the construction site.

Preview the construction before building it

The advantages that GAMMA AR has to offer become a must to comply with tight deadlines and specific requirements. Our solution allows everyone in the project to precisely place the BIM models on the construction site in order to visualize in Augmented Reality every element of the construction. Using a tablet or phone, every member of the team is able to easily track the progress, identify issues and clashes in real-time, and create object-based tasks to manage those issues effectively.

Managing issues with GAMMA AR on the construction site
Check that design is executed as planned on-site with GAMMA AR

Check that the design is executed as planned on-site

Interpretation of the plans on the construction site usually brings errors and therefore reworks. Anticipate those mistakes and use GAMMA AR to enable everyone on site to track the progress of construction and all its elements. By providing a tool to easily visualize in augmented Reality that every task goes according to planning, your datacenters will be built as designed and no additional costs will be required.

Document and monitor the construction process

GAMMA AR allows you to document remotely all the issues and tasks being assigned on-site, making sure all the information is recorded and can be shared with the asset owner. As a result, any changes required in the future will be assessed with higher precision, as all the modifications and clashes found during the construction phase are then reverted into the models.

Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of the facilities and all the required documentation is faster and easier with GAMMA AR, as it can be used as a tool to verify the testing and commissioning data along with all the parties involved. As a result, all parties are able to review with a phone or tablet that every asset has been installed and finished as planned and therefore simplify this part of the project and avoid any delays.

Issue Management

Manage your construction site by monitoring the progress and documenting every potential deviation between the model and the reality. In an intuitive way, you can select objects and create issues including photo references, titles, and descriptions of the issues. You can then assign tasks to the team to manage those issues effectively. Monitoring and overseeing a construction process has never been easier.

GAMMA AR solution and show of creation of issues on phone and tablet

Transparency of information

All the parties involved in a project can be invited to access the information reported directly from the construction site, increasing transparency and easing communication. This way we make sure the information is available at the moment for all teams involved to coordinate their tasks efficiently.
Thanks to augmented reality, all the teams involved can access and assess the progress of the project without needing to be on site. Anyone can visualize remotely the progress of the project and therefore identify issues if any and coordinate the teams to move forward quickly but with higher precision.

Avoid dangers on-site

Health and Safety must be a priority when managing a Data center facility. Data center employees face relevant hazards daily and thus, Health and Safety protocols need to be continuously updated and adapted to the environment. To do so, it is important to be able to access all the updated information and it has proven beneficial to use Augmented Reality to train the workers to minimize the risk.

avoid delays in construction with gamma ar

Avoid delays in the construction

Data centers need to be designed and built as an integrated system that optimizes electrical power, space allocation and mechanical systems. On top of the high technical requirements, deadlines play a relevant role as these facilities are usually built in response to market needs. As a result, we have got a project with no room for mistake.
GAMMA AR allows you to track and visualize every single element of the construction to make sure schedules are followed and deadlines are met. Facilitating the communication between the teams involved and having all the information not only accessible but visible increases transparency and facilitates the coordination of all the teams involved.

Avoid rework last minute changes with big effects on cost

GAMMA AR has been created to avoid cost and time deviations. Did you know that construction managers dedicate on average 14 hours per week to deal with reworks? Did you know that more than half of the reworks are the result of weak project data and miscommunications?
We want to make sure you stick to your budget and thus our solution allows you to track the progress and identify issues in real-time by being able to visualize the models in augmented reality. If something is missing or needs to be corrected, you better know it as soon as possible to save you money and headaches.

avoid rework and latest changes with GAMMA AR
Documenting the position and actual construction of every object on-site with GAMMA AR

Documenting the position and actual construction of every object on the site

The reports and issues created with GAMMA AR on-site are object-based, which means that they are associated with an object of the BIM model and therefore can be easily found and accessed both, in the BIM model from a computer and on-site by the member of the team which the tasks have been assigned to.
In such a complex environment like a data center, being able to easily know what needs to be done and where it is can save very valuable time on interpretation and scheduling.

Allowing Facility Managers to determine the position of hidden objects and help to get running the facilities faster after an issue

Optimizing the maintenance of the facility is essential to ensure good performance. Different organizational models are recommended based on the features of each data center, but whatever model is adopted, facility managers can take advantage of GAMMA AR by being able to visualize every object in augmented reality. This will help them not only to optimize the preventive periodic maintenance of every asset but to sort out any potential corrective maintenance that may arise.

Help facility managers to running faster the facilities GAMMA AR
BIM software GAMMA AR screenshot properties

Determine specific objects and know which replacement parts to order

During the operations of the facility, maintenance needs to be optimal to avoid downtimes and ensure the right performance. To do so, it is essential to be able to access the information and features of every asset contained in the facility. GAMMA AR brings you the possibility of having all that information in your phone or tablet so you know the spare parts that would be necessary for any corrective maintenance.

Making sure every object fulfils requirements to safety and security

Data centers contain critical building systems that require explicit engineering and procedures. To make sure that every object fulfills requirements and compliance you can either spend time checking the Operations and Maintenance Manuals of every asset or you can save time by having all the information in your GAMMA AR app. Let us do what we do best and save you time and money. Reach out and let’s schedule some time to talk about the future!

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