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Construction management software for MEP Planners

Prevent errors and reworks by using Augmented Reality to place your BIM models precisely in the construction site using augmented reality

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MEP Planners pipes in construction GAMMA AR

Successful with GAMMA AR

prevent errors and rework on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Prevent errors and rework

By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to see what has to be built and where it is supposed to be located, for more efficiency in your projects.

Track progress

By documenting and monitoring the construction site, you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your projects in few clicks.

Facilitate collaboration

Have a clear and transparent communication between all the stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity on your projects.

We have eliminated huge amount of collisions with construction elements, other engineering systems. All corrections were done by Site engineer and HVAC designer in the office using collaborate friendly function of GAMMA AR. Another benefit was to control installation process according to the design, HVAC model.

Preview the construction before building it

The power of our solution lies in its capacity to make sure project-specific data and tasks are clearly shared, easily accessible, and well managed without fail. For example, data can be accessed in real-time for each project, which means your team's members can identify missed or unnoticed opportunities as they happen.
This means that team members can identify moments when tasks might have been overlooked or forgotten about - and reach out to touch base with team members in order to find solutions unfelt by other teams.

Managing issues with GAMMA AR on the construction site
Check that design is executed as planned on-site with GAMMA AR

Check that the design is executed as planned on-site

One of the advantages of using GAMMA AR is that you can check the accuracy of your design. It helps streamline and organize the workflow of your team. Furthermore, it helps to cut down on communication overhead, putting everyone on the same page as far as the sequential steps involved in the process.
Providing a tool to the teams on-site to verify that every task goes according to planning facilitates supervision. It also saves time and money on potential reworks that could be required due to mistakes or missed details from purely verbal explanations alone.

Document and monitor the construction process

GAMMA AR allows you to check on conditions remotely, thus eliminating the opportunity for any issues to pile up unnoticed before they get truly out of control. This technology will allow you to thoroughly inspect any given area so that you know what condition everything is in and what changes will be needed otherwise. Ultimately, this will go a long way towards helping to avoid disaster as well as cut down on costs via eradicating opportunities for wastefulness.

Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of your projects shouldn’t be a headache. Many times, the process may get longer due to disputes with the clients or asset owners on the project completion. GAMMA AR gives you the possibility to conduct an easy and intuitive verification that everything has gone as planned. Access all the handover documentation and manage any pending tasks that may exist directly on your phone or tablet.

Issue Management

You can keep track of your construction site remotely at each project's progress and keep a watchful eye out for any potential issues that may arise, you can monitor the status of objects in real-time. You can create issues with photos, descriptions, and other documentation you need to keep tabs on the status of your site or a specific object within it.

Documenting the position and actual construction of every object on-site with GAMMA AR
Different stakeholder of construction industry communicating with GAMMA AR

Collaborate with all stakeholders and discuss changes esier on the construction site

GAMMA AR allows MEP planners to remotely track their project's progress and get instant feedback on production. This solution even enables anyone involved in the project to check into the construction site and see what's going on at any moment. If there's a problem, it can be promptly resolved thanks to real-time strategies, which ultimately means that everyone is working toward the same common goal from start to finish.
For MEP planner, information is key for you and your crew. By providing access to one central source of up-to-date details, the construction team can streamline its efforts and move forward.

Enhanced lifecycle management

Some building design professionals are embedding “lifecycle data” on building components into their BIM models, thereby helping the stakeholder understand the benefits of investing in materials and systems that may cost more initially but have a better payback over the lifetime of the building.
For example, using vinyl wall coverings for interior wall finishes is more expensive than paint initially, but may result in reduced overall lifecycle costs since it has a longer life span. The lifecycle information is also very valuable to help average out ongoing capital improvement costs.

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