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Construction management software for Pharmaceuticals

Prevent errors and reworks by using Augmented Reality to place your BIM models precisely in the construction site using augmented reality

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pharmaceuticals site with GAMMA AR

Successful with GAMMA AR

prevent errors and rework on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Prevent errors and rework

By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to see what has to be built and where it is supposed to be located, for more efficiency in your projects.

Track progress

By documenting and monitoring the construction site, you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your projects in few clicks.

Facilitate collaboration

Have a clear and transparent communication between all the stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity on your projects.

The GAMMA AR app is a great tool for efficient and speedy inspection and defect reporting on the construction site.

Preview the construction before building it

Our solution's advantage of offering a smart way to manage essential project data and tasks through the use of visual representations that can be interacted with in real-time. Your team can identify areas in a task that may need some attention and coordinate to prevent issues.

Managing issues with GAMMA AR on the construction site
Check that design is executed as planned on-site with GAMMA AR

Check that the design is executed as planned on-site

The principal benefit is making sure that the project goes according to plan. It streamline the workflow, helps reduce errors, and communicates better with your team. It will help you supervise them and later verify that every step in their process has been taken as planned; it keeps your project moving forward!

Document and monitor the construction process

GAMMA AR allows remote inspection capabilities to site and records issues.
The technology and services are designed to help digital asset owners, facilities managers, and construction professionals assess conditions and costs before, during, and after construction, avoiding loss exposure and sustainable cost over-runs.

Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of your projects shouldn’t be a headache. Many times, the process may get longer due to disputes with the clients or asset owners on the project completion. GAMMA AR gives you the possibility to conduct an easy and intuitive verification that everything has gone as planned. Access all the handover documentation and manage any pending tasks that may exist directly on your phone or tablet.

Issue Management

Keep track of your construction progress remotely by tracking the progress and documenting any potential issues that may arise. You can monitor the status of objects in real-time and create issues with photos, adding descriptions, and other documentation pertinent to tracking the progress of your site and keeping it up-to-date. Intuitively add descriptive details about what has gone wrong using photo references, titles, and descriptions. Assign tasks to your team so they can effectively manage everything as you oversee them from afar. As if this weren't enough, entering information into our system helps you manage projects efficiently so there is no need for the guesswork factor which makes it easier than ever to perform quality control on any construction site.

GAMMA AR solution and show of creation of issues on phone and tablet

Transparency of information

When it comes to any project, information collected and presented at the construction site may be accessed by anyone involved in order to ensure that tasks are synchronized. This can improve communication across departments, putting everyone working toward the same goals.

Transparency about the actual state of the construction site

The project management app allows users to see what's going on at any given time and assess its progress. It even makes it possible for anyone to visualize remotely how the new building is coming along so if there's a problem it can be fixed quickly and efficiently thanks to immediate feedback.

Structural engineers on the construction site using GAMMA AR to maximize the efficiency of their project

Avoid dangers on-site

Using augmented reality it is possible to have workers train without having to expose themselves daily in a potentially dangerous environment. AR has proven beneficial in training workers by minimizing risk while maximizing productivity; therefore decreasing injuries and other negative consequences that could stand in the way of productivity.

Avoid delays in the construction

Pharmaceutical facilities need to be designed and built as an integrated system that optimizes electrical power, space allocation, and air systems. With GAMMA AR, it allows you to successfully navigate these challenges by tracking and visualizing every single element of the construction so that you can keep tabs on timelines and ensure schedules are followed and deadlines met.

avoid delays in construction with gamma ar
avoid rework and latest changes with GAMMA AR

Avoid rework last minute changes with big effects on cost

A few days of delay will cost you a significant portion of the money and to make sure you stick to your budget, GAMMA AR allows you to track the development of each stage in your construction. GAMMA AR provides an updated view of all elements of your construction at any given point during its development so that all plans are met by designated due dates.

Make sur every object fulfills requirements to safety and security according to the plan

To ensure that your pharmaceutical or the chemical plant is running at optimal capacity, it's imperative that you ensure the systems installed in them are running properly. After all, if you have a faulty cog or pipeline, for example, the entire system becomes compromised. And this is why it's so vital to have accurate information on hand in order to ensure your hardware is properly monitored at all times. There are a lot of different manual procedures which require you utilize your time checking and rechecking every object that goes into your data center, but when you're able to save time by having all the information at your fingertips in order to make sure every detail has been taken care of properly - instead of wasting precious minutes doing busy work - this means you can keep everything up-to-date much more easily and with less hassle for every team member.

Documenting the position and actual construction of every object on-site with GAMMA AR
BIM software GAMMA AR screenshot properties

Streamline the process so changes are documented effectively

Our tool has the ability to streamline communication throughout teams involved and make sure all relevant information is both accessible and visible helps to accelerate the coordination process between them since it makes it easier for their members to see what steps must take place beforehand for that particular phase as well as what steps have already been completed successfully prior to going ahead with succeeding parts of the project.

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