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Construction management software for Structural Engineers

The key challenge in the structural engineering industry is to figure out how to complete projects more efficiently. GAMMA AR application is an advanced tool that makes the workflow of structural engineers more collaborative and productive all along the design and construction process.

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Structural engineers on the construction site using GAMMA AR to maximize the efficiency of their project

Successful with GAMMA AR

improve productivity on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Improve the productivity

By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to improve the productivity of your construction projects.

Manage issues

Easily manage issues on the GAMMA AR application and assign tasks to your team members with a dedicated deadline.

preview the building on the construction site with GAMMA AR

Preview the construction

See what is supposed to be built and where it is supposed to be located before building on the construction site.

The GAMMA AR app is a great tool for efficient and speedy inspection and defect reporting on the construction site.

Preview the work before building

GAMMA AR allows visualizing your BIM models in real-time on the construction site by using augmented reality. This helps you to preview the work before it’s done and saves up to 10% of your construction costs.
As we know, there are often clashes in construction. A column going through a wall or a pipe going through a steel beam, for example, can be costly and time-consuming to repair if discovered too late. These kinds of errors can also affect the safety of the building. For example, an air conditioning unit may require certain openings to allow for maintenance, access or safety.
As you go through the design and construction process, you can share any clashes or errors identified with your team to evaluate decisions. If solving them internally is not possible, you can share all component properties with an external stakeholder in one click.

the use of GAMMA AR on the construction site

Check that the design is executed as planned on-site

Assessing problems and establishing solutions becomes a breeze using GAMMA AR. After overlying your BIM model to the job site, you can easily control the structural requirements. By comparing your BIM model to the actual construction, you can check the difference between the plan and the actual work process. Using a single tool, you will have a global view of the geometry and properties such as the material used for each component, through stored data.

Document and monitor the construction process

During the site inspection, you will make sure there are no errors, if identified you will try to solve it. In case of an error, you can intuitively report the problem through your phone or tablet. By going to the app, simply take a picture of the object, create a note describing the problem and assign the relevant team members. You can even add deadlines for the resolution of the issue.
GAMMA AR APP makes it easy to access information and work collaboratively. If some items require external parties such as roof trusses that are considered as deferred submissions. You can assign this mission directly through the application to the specialized engineer or delegate of your choice and follow the review and validation by the EOR, approve the fabrication and review the compliance to the structural design.

Managing issues with GAMMA AR on the construction site

Improve the productivity

GAMMA AR helps you reduce the time spent on coordination activities. Our solution allows you to focus your energy on finding creative solutions and facilitating the decision-making process. By overlaying your BIM models through augmented reality on the job site in real-time, you can identify and filter any area or part of the building or structure that needs immediate attention. So, you can analyze the quality and the speed of your work in a quite simple and objective way. It helps you to allocate your workforces better than this building needs.
GAMMA AR will assist in getting a better overview of the project and allow for a more detailed understanding of the project. This leads to an increase in productivity.

Collaborating and communicating with team members

One of the ultimate aims of GAMMA AR is to remove the distance between the office and the construction site. In the old methodologies that consist in building with sheets and spared paper plans, the communication of issues was extremely complicated. The process was very time consuming, and people could make mistakes or misinterpret the description of the issue. The difference with GAMMA is that with one click, you select the issue, create an object-based issue on the BIM model and directly assign it to the person who should deal with it. That' s it, you effectively collect the issues and simply share it with the right person. All team members have access to the BIM models containing the detailed issue to solve.

Different stakeholder of construction industry communicating with GAMMA AR

Have higher accuracy

Precision and efficiency are essential in the construction process. A minor error can result in considerable loss of time and money, as well as the loss of other valuable resources. Using gamma will avoid this sort of loss in an effortless way.
By combining BIM with AR, our application allows you to use models precisely on the jobsite and fully visualize how the project will look like before it is built.

Be better than the competition

Manage a faster, cheaper, better construction project than your competition using GAMMA AR. The BIM software will help you moving easier on your different project and with efficiency. Bring your BIM models to the construction site using augmented reality for a maximum productivity.

Managing issues on the construction site with GAMMA AR
Easy building handover with GAMMA AR

Building handover made easy

The handover of your projects shouldn’t be a headache. Many times, the process may get longer due to disputes with the clients or asset owners on the project completion. GAMMA AR gives you the possibility to conduct an easy and intuitive verification that everything has gone as planned. Access all the handover documentation and manage any pending tasks that may exist directly on your phone or tablet.

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