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Why Contractor App Save You Money

client using contractor app GAMMA AR
The future of construction is in your hands, with Construction Technology, especially Contractor App. More and more contractors are attracted to it to get construction projects delivered in time and in the budget. In this article, we highlight the most important point of why you should go with a Contractors App.

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Contractor App prevent rework

The multiple and unlimited drawings of architects and engineers to build big structures all around the world is no longer efficient. To handle the large amount of information that a construction involves, drawings are no longer enough. Using paper plans on the field equals to much more errors, and therefore, rework.

Construction technology is the future, and construction apps especially, are not anymore, an option but a necessity for your projects. Take the example of our Contractor App, GAMMA AR that overlays 3D BIM Models to the construction site using Augmented Reality.

Contractor App facilitate the communication between the site and the office

Communication is the most important part of a well bein construction project. The massive information collected and shared must be handled in an automated way and instantly. Paper plans do not have the option to send the information to the office in real time. Email, PDFs, etc. are not efficient anymore when we can use Smartphones to receive and share all the practical and important information.

Important fact: in 2020, JBKNOWLEDGE encountered 92% of the construction industry that uses a smartphone for work. There is no reason today to not go for a contractor app.

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Contractor App integrate into your BIM workflows

Contractor App integrate well into your BIM workflows. Working with BIM models has facilitated the construction work. A big advantage of BIM technology is the information handling. Contractor App allow to integrate those as you can see on this photo below:

PORR AG using construction app GAMMA AR on Wien Museum renovation project
Copyright photo PORR AG | The Contractor App GAMMA AR used on the construction site of PORR AG

Know the real state of your project with Contractor App

With modern Construction Technology, you can be sure to get the progress of your project in real time. As we were talking about the communication earlier, Contractor App help you to get the information in real time and thus, facilitates the communication between the field and the office.

No longer hesitate when it comes to get your construction projects done efficiently and get your Contractor App!

Try out GAMMA AR for free and tell us how it improves your way to build.


GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models to the construction site using Augmented Reality. Check out the features of the software and start your 30-day free trial now.

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