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2024 Construction Tech Trends

2024 construction tech trends by GAMMA AR
Alex Sidorov, COO and CFO at GAMMA AR, shares with us his predictions concerning 2024 construction tech trends in a Medium article.

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Infographic - Construction crystal ball

infographic of 2024 construction tech trends

Construction Industry Trends and Forecasts for 2024

  1. Market Trends and Recovery: The construction industry is on a recovery path, rebounding from recent challenges. The effects of rising interest rates and geopolitical uncertainties have become less disruptive, setting a more stable financial outlook for 2024.

  2. Industry Growth and Labor Challenges: There’s a positive growth outlook for the construction industry in 2024, especially in industrial and residential sectors. However, the labor market remains a concern with a continuing decline in the workforce and a lack of new entrants in construction trades.

  3. Technology and Information Management: There’s a significant shift towards efficient data collection and usage across construction phases. This holistic approach to information management is expected to benefit the sector, with tech vendors playing a key role.

  4. Engagement of Asset Owners: Asset owners are becoming more involved in the construction process, enabled by technological advancements. This trend is expected to lead to better outcomes that align with their expectations.

  5. Transparency and Accountability: The push for transparency is becoming stronger in the construction industry, leading to improved standards and trust. This may cause a divergence between digital-savvy professionals and those less inclined towards technology.

  6. Strategic Technology Implementation: While many construction companies are adopting new technologies, a strategic approach is often lacking. The trend is moving towards more deliberate technology integration, even among smaller firms.

  7. AI in Construction: AI’s role is evolving from a buzzword to practical applications in construction, such as documentation management and design optimization.

  8. Focus on On-Site Decision Making: Despite advancements in technology, the importance of experienced professionals in on-site decision making remains paramount. Technologies that enhance on-site decision-making are expected to rise.

  9. Overall Outlook: 2024 is poised to be an exciting year for the construction industry, with technological advancements and strategic planning playing key roles in shaping the sector’s future.


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