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From the Field | Discussions with Ron Meester from BAM Bouw en Techniek

Ron Meester from BAM Bouw en Techniek using GAMMA AR
Ron Meester is Project Manager at BAM Bouw en Techniek, a leading construction company in the Netherlands, known for its innovative approach to building and engineering projects. We had the opportunity to meet him and get his feedback on the implementation of GAMMA AR in their construction projects. This article transcribed an insightful interview with Ron to better understand the challenges, how GAMMA AR resolved them, and the resulting benefits.

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How did you first become aware of GAMMA AR and what prompted you to start using it?

At BAM Bouw en Techniek, our strategy is centered around “Building a Sustainable Tomorrow.” To execute this strategy effectively, we have identified three key focus areas – Sustainability, Industrialization, and Digitalization. GAMMA AR plays a role in supporting the progress of digitalization.

We don't need a problem to change. We change because we want to improve
Ron Meester portrait, project manager at BAM Bouw en Techniek
Ron Meester
Project Manager

Can you describe the specific problem that you were trying to solve by using GAMMA AR?

Our previous project was a good example of how we nowadays build and construct projects at BAM on a leading digital way.  BIM- development and construction was of a high level here, earning recognition by winning the Digital Construction Award.
We did already gained a lot of experiences in using GAMMA AR here, as a pilot.

For one of our current renovation projects, we are adopting a state-of-the-art BIM model. However, current drawings are outdated and there is some uncertainty among the team regarding what has already been constructed and what remains to be done. By utilizing the functionality of GAMMA AR, we will be able to provide our engineering and construction team clear insight into the analysis- engineering- and construction phase of the project. 

Visualizing the BIM model on the construction site. Provide insight to our construction-team. Not just 2D floor plans (where a lot of information is lost), but provide them the information directly from the model.

Our work preparation (engineers) and design colleagues (all the office people) are used/familiar to work with the 3D model for many years now, we use it to coordinate, see errors that we solve and gain insight into assembly methods (ways to construct it in a safe and structured matter).

However, on the construction site, the execution team has been limited to 2D drawings, which result in the loss of critical information due to the 3Dto2D process. With the implementation of GAMMA AR, this limitation is no longer a concern. We can now make the transition to utilizing 3D technology on the construction site, bringing the benefits of BIM into the field.

How did you implement GAMMA AR in your organization, and what steps did you take to ensure that it was used effectively?

First of all, the execution team has been equipped with new iPads (incl. LiDar sensor). Secondly we did make media content, presentations have been produced to showcase the advantages of using GAMMA AR to our projectteams. This approach is aimed to enthuse our colleagues and make them active participants in the solution.

Screenshot video of the BAM Bouw en Techniek Schiphol project using GAMMA AR

Can you provide some examples of how GAMMA AR has been used in your organization, and what benefits it has provided?

In our organization, GAMMA AR has been used across several region’s including construction and supplier teams.

One of the key benefits that it provides is increased insight and visualization, which has helped in performing quality checks, inspecting behind closed ceilings and looking into concrete walls (cabling/piping routes). Additionally, it enables us in the construction phase of the project to identify failures and deviations from the original design, and provides early insight into the upcoming (not yet constructed) installations. This has been extremely helpful in ensuring that the project is executed as designed, and in detecting any potential issues in the early stages. Overall, the use of GAMMA AR has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of our processes.

What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while using GAMMA AR, and how did you overcome them?

While using GAMMA AR, we encountered several challenges and obstacles. One of the main challenges on the current project (airport) is locating the AR markers, especially on floors with no walls. We explored different solutions such as using fake walls or QR codes, this is something we’ll have to investigate further to find the best solution for it.

Another challenge was the performance of the iPad, which was slow and faced memory overload issues. To overcome this, we implemented various measures such as upgrading the hardware, optimizing the app settings, and utilizing the latest app updates, which improved the performance significantly.

Additionally, we faced difficulties in using the app in low light conditions at construction sites, as the LiDar sensor was not functioning optimally. However, with a subsequent update to the app, GAMMA addressed this issue by introducing a flashlight feature, which improved the accuracy and reliability of the app in such conditions. 

Overall, by continuously seeking solutions to the challenges we faced, we were able to overcome them effectively.

What are the key lessons that you have learned from using GAMMA AR, and what advice would you have for others who are considering using it?

From using GAMMA AR, I have learned the importance of having visual sight (3D BIM) in construction and inspection processes. It has improved the accuracy and efficiency of our processes, and has helped us detect issues earlier in the project lifecycle.

For others who are considering using GAMMA AR, I would advise them to take advantage of the resources available such as media produced by our organizations (BAM). This will provide a better understanding of the potential benefits and applications of the technology. Additionally, I would advise them to give it a try on their own projects as it is easy and user-friendly. Overall, my experience with GAMMA AR has been positive, and I believe in a few years it’s common technology in the construction industry.


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