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How to become proficient in BIM: Learn, Practice, and get instant Feedback

Written by Anton Kaplun

How to become proficient in BIM by Anton Kaplun
We live in a changing world. Each industry around us is rapidly digitizing in response to surrounding challenges: increasing sustainability, geopolitical risks, economic volatility, and human resource challenges in a post-COVID society. The AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) is not an exception here. EU is aiming for a 30% cut in its annual primary energy consumption by 2030, the war between Russia and Ukraine has impacted the European AEC industry profoundly by breaking supply chains. High unpredictability and cyclicality led Europe’s AEC industry to rely on temporary staff and subcontractors. And even these temporary teams are hard to find in time and with the required professionalism level - a quarter of construction companies are facing a scarcity of skilled design and construction workers. The answer to cover each of these modern trends is to drive the industry to digital transformation, to implement BIM (Building Informational Modeling) into each step more and more.

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BIM is a collective common name for 3d project modeling, workforce collaboration, and project management. So, to become a proficient senior BIM specialist, modern engineers need to go through the quite long learning path:

  • Learning to master modelling software (check this article to know more: How to choose the best BIM software for your construction projects – GAMMA AR.);
  • Integrating BIM tools with specific engineering knowledge and experience you already have;
  • Learning BIM processes such as clash detection, quantity takeoff, and scheduling (Revit, Navisworks);
  • Increasing productivity by customizing your building information workflow (Dynamo, API, ready-made plugins).

This learning path is useless and impossible without practice and a feedback circle. To become valuable BIM players, engineers need to repeat again and again: Learn workplace skills, Practice them, and get an instant Feedback from the office and field teammates.

Becoming proficient in BIM is also about improving collaboration and communication. One of the best practices to do this – is the integration of Mobile Augmented Reality into existing workflows.

With GAMMA AR, the project team can easily assign issues & tasks with due dates to coordinate external contractors and consultants. Besides this, users can synchronize issues with Autodesk Construction Cloud to enforce collaboration and make it easier for all of the participants of the project to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

3d modeling in BIM was implemented to enhance project visualization and analysis, which gets a totally new level of usage in Mobile AR, where model objects on a screen are overlayed on reality. GAMMA AR allows full visibility override (transparent, color coding, show/hide object categories) that corresponds with BIM software features (check this video to know more about GAMMA AR features).

BIM is also about Data Management to increase efficiency and productivity. BIM models are built on a centralized database that contains all relevant project information. This makes it easier to manage and analyze data and reduces the time needed to create and update project documents. A skillful BIM engineer knows this core feature and efficiently uses it. GAMMA AR opens access to the whole metadata (object properties) to each model element in one click, making the BIM Data Management alive and usable even on the construction site.

Learn, Practice, pay attention to the Feedback circle, and open your mind to other tools and software programs, which make it easier to collaborate with stakeholders in a project. We can’t change global trends, but we can achieve sustainable aims and make the world better. 


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