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Why Augmented Reality solutions are essential for architects

Augmented Reality for Architects
Oversee the construction site, check if the design is executed as planned on site are some of the many priorities of an architect. To be able to work efficiently, GAMMA AR helps with the preview of the model on the jobsite, but also with Issue management, and progress tracking. In this blog, we will review how the AR solution is essential for architects.

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The profession of an architect has evolved with time. From drawing on paper to designing with CAD and BIM software, it helped them to plan buildings with higher quality, and with fewer errors. Small miscalculations can lead to massive complications. For that reason, it is important to find tools to work efficiently, and technology has done a great part. You’ve got it, technology helps to produce better design, and thus, better buildings.

So much for the design, but what about the construction phase? Many challenges are encountered by architects that can be solved with a simple solution: Augmented Reality combined with BIM. Therefore, we have created GAMMA AR, intuitive and easy-to-use software that places the BIM models on the construction site thanks to augmented reality. Let’s talk more about the challenges faced by architects and how GAMMA AR can solve these problems.

Dealing with problems proactively

In the construction phase, it is important for an architect to oversee the whole construction process, in order to deal with potential problems; a pipe missing, a door put in the wrong place, a missing window… you get the point. But dealing with problems may be difficult without a clear visualization of the plan. In traditional construction, the architect works with paper plans, which is inefficient as we have seen in a previous post.

This is where AR solutions like GAMMA AR helps. With the possibility to preview the work before building, problems are avoided, as the app visualizes the design on phones and tablets to execute the planning correctly on the jobsite

For example, with this image below where GAMMA AR is used to make sure the drilling spot has the right placement exactly according to the plans.

construction manager drilling holes with GAMMA AR

Keeping track of the team

Right now, the traditional construction process is a mess to communicate between the different parts of a team. For example, Construction Managers and others on the jobsite, with Planners and Project Managers at the office, even though we have ways to communicate like phone calls or email, and newer ways like online collaboration platforms, it is still a struggle. E.g., to communicate a problem between the office and the jobsite, first construction managers take a photo of the issue on the site, then mark and sketch on the plan in hand where and what the problem is. To communicate a problem on the site to the office, Construction Managers need to go through multiple steps: writing emails, making phone calls, scanning plans with markings and drawings, making photos. Can you see the problem? It takes too much time and energy for one mistake, so imagine multiple of them?

Take a look at this example below of the time spent on a standard way vs. with GAMMA AR:
comparison documentation tasks traditional methods and gamma ar

With GAMMA AR, it is very simple thanks to the ability to create issues directly linked to the building component in the BIM model and assign them to the right person with precise information. The assigned colleague will then receive a notification with the information regarding the issue. With this way of communicating, there is no more wasted time juggling between the jobsite and the office, trying to supervise projects.

Managing the handover documentation

One of the important parts of a project is the handover documentation. Because the information done on paper and spreadsheets, may not be correct and precise, and is not brought back to the model, it is difficult to be efficient which leads to the risk of misreading or forgetting important elements to check.

The benefit of a construction app that overlays the BIM model on the construction site with augmented reality is to facilitate this documentation. Forget spreadsheet and paper, all the practical information of objects is directly present in the BIM model. It is very easy, you just select the object, check the properties, compare with the jobsite, and create an issue to validate the work or report the encountered problem that must be solved.

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Staying on budget and dealing with deadlines

Architects have experience working on projects with strict deadlines and tight budgets. It can be difficult to stick to it with the many problems encountered on a construction site. With GAMMA AR, they can relax and make sure to stay on time and on budget.

As the construction app allows an intuitive and easy issue management, it will save up to 10% of the construction costs.

Managing the changes on site

Changes appear on the construction site, e.g., a client deciding he does not want the door at the same place anymore. People don’t regularly plot the most recent plans, it means that often, they have outdated plans on the jobsite. With GAMMA AR, you will always have the most recent BIM model on the site. The BIM model has all information in one place, which avoids the need for spreadsheets, paper plans, and PDFs. Take GAMMA AR and visualize the BIM model on the construction site with augmented reality to manage all the unexpected changes on site easily and efficiently.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the importance of using augmented reality for architects. For architects, augmented reality is an incredibly useful tool. With this technology, architects can manage their projects from their office and on site more efficiently.

For more information about how to use augmented reality for architectural purposes, please visit our website at If you would like to learn more about augmented reality and what it can do for your construction projects, please feel free to contact us at any time!


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