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Augmented reality for construction

Augmented reality for construction GAMMA AR
The benefits of augmented reality have been demonstrated across a wide range of industries. The business spectrum is wide and varied, ranging from retail to health, and, more recently, construction, or, more precisely, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. This article will provide a general description of what augmented reality is and how it is used in the construction industry. Last but not least, we will discuss the construction software GAMMA AR that utilizes augmented reality.

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What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that combines the physical world and computer-generated elements to create a seamless, immersive environment through the cameras of mobile devices and smart glasses.

How is augmented reality used in construction?

The application of augmented reality in a construction project can be used for the following purposes:

Preview the building

The use of augmented reality enables the overlaying of elements of a 3D construction plan, more commonly referred to as a BIM model. The purpose of this is to enable the various stakeholders to better understand what will be built and where it will be located.

Track and document the progress

Using augmented reality is useful not only for overlaying the models on the construction site but also for tracking and documenting the progress of projects. In addition to facilitating progress tracking, the solution, like GAMMA AR, also makes it possible to create issues containing photos, comments, notes, recordings, etc. to document progress.

Facilitate communication and collaboration

A collaborative approach is facilitated by augmented reality since it facilitates communication between stakeholders. By viewing the different properties and issues associated with an object, each stakeholder can instantly understand them without having to be physically present on the construction site.

Improve safety

In some AR devices (such as glasses or mobile devices), tags or labels attached to particular areas or objects can be scanned. Furthermore, these labels can display additional information or even 3D models in order to communicate information related to safety or hazards.

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GAMMA AR for construction

GAMMA AR is a construction software that intuitively overlays building information models on the construction site through the use of augmented reality. AEC professionals can take advantage of several features and benefits from this tool, including:

Issue Management

GAMMA AR allows you to collect and attach issues information to BIM building components, and to assign tasks to the team to prevent errors and rework. With traditional methods, the information was collected from different sources – paper plans, spreadsheets, which is inefficient. In the event that a pipe is missing during construction, the construction manager will need to note the error on the construction plans. He or she will need to contact the proper person by phone or email. It involves traveling to the construction site in order to determine the precise location of the problem and then returning to the office in order to coordinate with the appropriate person. With GAMMA AR, you get the information in a unique place with clear documentation (images, description, revision states, due dates, assignments, precise location information). The construction manager creates an issue on the BIM building components, describes it on the app, and assigns it to the right person in the team.

Avoid defects and rework

GAMMA AR reduces costs and enables time savings. By overlaying the construction site with the design, GAMMA AR allows monitoring of construction progress throughout the construction period. Users can easily and quickly prevent and document defects and make better decisions about changes. Preventing defects can save up to 9% of costs.

Easy and accurate communication between the construction site and office

Using GAMMA AR simplifies communication between site managers, designers, and project managers. BIM models are quickly and easily transferred to the construction site, which provides site personnel with an intuitive preview of the structure to be built. The provision of BIM models on the construction site allows for component-specific communication and task management. This reduces faulty communication and misunderstandings and helps to keep a good overview. 

GAMMA AR on the construction site with client PORR
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All data at hand

Information is not always at hand on the job site. According to an Autodesk® study, 52% of all rework is the result of poor communication and bad project data.

GAMMA AR allows all planning information from the BIM model to be accessed intuitively using a cell phone or tablet. This saves door lists and other documents in the form of tables and everyone has access to the same plan/model information. All information documented on the construction site is also displayed directly to each employee.

Building Handover simple and precise

Building inspections are not only time-consuming, but they also require a high degree of thoroughness, which is indispensable for a legally flawless inspection. GAMMA AR allows a fast and intuitive comparison of target and actual values due to its simple and accurate representation of components. As a result, defects can be identified and corrected without delay. Thus, all sides avoid time-consuming and costly processes.

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Augmented reality is going to be a big part of the AEC industry. If you are not familiar with the technology yet, book a meeting with us to better understand its use and how to easily implement it into your BIM strategy. We hope you enjoy this article. For more information about augmented reality for construction, send us an email at


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