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GAMMA AR is exhibiting at digitalBAU

The 2022 edition of digitalBAU will take place from May 31st to June 2nd, 2022, at the trade fair center in Cologne, Germany. The first digitalBAU event took place in 2020 and has shown an important interest in digitalization in the construction industry. This year, the innovative construction software GAMMA AR will exhibit and will share its expertise with the German sector during these three days events.

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About digitalBAU

In 2020, digitalBAU has gathered more than 270 exhibitors and around 10 000 visitors interested in the digitalization of the building industry. Something they could all agree about is that digitalization opens opportunities for the construction industry, increase productivity and efficiency in the process, and ensure long-term success.

In figures, digitalBAU 2022 is 36 000 sqm of exhibition space, around 250 exhibitors and 5 forums, and additional sides events. An event focused on the future of construction that GAMMA AR could not miss.

The Digitalization of the Construction industry

In 2022, the construction industry is still one of the least digitalized industries when it is one of the most important ones in the world. What being non-digitalized causes are late and over-budget projects caused by poor data and miscommunication on the jobsite.

Digitalizing the industry is no longer just an opportunity, but a necessity. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been a revolution in the industry. It is the most developed and used digital technology in the construction industry. In Europe, 29% of construction companies use BIM 3D. The implementation is mostly led by large companies and its market is predicted to grow by 13% to reach EUR 2.1 billion in 2023 announces the European Construction Sector Observatory in its report.

However, the digitalization of the construction industry is not limited to BIM, especially when its use is limited to the design phase. There are still the construction and operation phases that need to be digitalized. And GAMMA AR can help with that.

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What GAMMA AR brings to the construction industry

GAMMA AR is a construction software that places the BIM model on the construction site using augmented reality. Thanks to this technology, time and money are saved for construction companies but also architects, engineers, and different stakeholders of the industry. But what allows GAMMA AR?

Prevent errors and rework

GAMMA AR is a time and money saver. With its functionality of overlaying the BIM models to the jobsite thanks to augmented reality, it is easy to see what must be built before it is done in real life. Therefore, you can easily compare the planning with the construction site to document and monitor the construction process.

Collaborate and communicate easily

Being able to communicate on a construction site with the many stakeholders that encountered a project is never easy. Especially when the different stakeholders are in different places. With GAMMA AR, it is easy to report and assign tasks to the members of the team in real-time without having to call and email multiple persons and waste time not reaching the right person.

Respond quickly

GAMMA AR allows problems to be identified quickly and informed decisions to be made in an accelerated manner. Problems that may arise are thus identified more quickly and clearly communicated to team members. As a result, deficiencies can be avoided in advance.

CEO Caner Dolas will speak at the Smart Forum

Caner Dolas, CEO and Co-founder of GAMMA AR, will have the pleasure to present a conference on the end of paper quality management with Augmented Reality. The keynote will teach how AR solve the problem of foreseeing at the construction pit what must be built and deep dive into the process of implementing the AR solution GAMMA AR to help the teams preview the construction works and manage the jobsite efficiently.

To participate in the conference of Caner, simply register here.

What GAMMA AR will showcase at digitalBAU

It is important for GAMMA AR to show its potential and bring awareness in the use of its AR solution on the construction site, to the audience. The GAMMA AR team is ready to present its software to those who don’t know it yet but are interested in increasing their productivity and efficiency on the construction site.

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