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Revolutionize Your Construction Projects with Our Augmented Reality App

In the rapidly evolving landscape of construction technology, augmented reality (AR) is emerging as a game-changer. Imagine being able to visualize construction projects in real-time, overlaying digital models onto physical spaces. This is the promise of a Construction Augmented Reality App, and it’s reshaping the industry from the ground up.


In the realm of construction, time is money, and efficiency is paramount. That’s why the emergence of GAMMA AR has been a game-changer for people seeking streamlined coordination with subcontractors, accurate plan-to-as-built comparisons, and effective clash detection on the construction site. This article dives into an eye-opening infographic that showcases just how much time customers can save by adopting GAMMA AR in their construction projects.

GAMMA AR is a finalist of the London Construction Awards

GAMMA AR, a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) solutions for the construction industry, has been announced as a finalist in the category Technological Innovation of the Year for the prestigious London Construction Awards. Recognized for its groundbreaking contributions to the sector, GAMMA AR’s innovative approach has garnered attention and acclaim, positioning the company as a key player in transforming the way construction projects are visualized, designed, and executed.

Formitas and GAMMA AR Revolutionize BIM and AR Implementation in NRW’s Landmark Construction Project

Formitas AG, a leading company specializing in the digitization of the construction industry, is making significant strides in the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and augmented reality (AR) technology. In a groundbreaking partnership with the University Hospital of Cologne and medfacilities GmbH, Formitas is managing the BIM process and use of AR/VR of the Center for Metabolic Research (ZfS) in Cologne, supported by funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). As part of this ambitious project, Formitas is leveraging BIM expertise and introducing augmented reality app, GAMMA AR, to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and optimize construction processes.

Overcoming Barriers to Digital Adoption in Construction and Engineering: Insights from Autodesk Report

In March 2023, Autodesk conducted a survey of 229 construction and engineering businesses from Australia, Japan, and Singapore to identify the State of Digital Adoption in Construction. In this report are reviewed the common barriers to digital adoption. The findings of this report shed light on the challenges faced by the industry and provide recommendations for businesses to overcome these hurdles.

How is augmented reality used in construction?

Augmented reality (AR) has been gaining momentum in various industries over the past few years, and the construction industry is no exception. AR technology has transformed the way we build and design structures and has become an essential tool for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. In this article, we will discuss how augmented reality is used in construction and its benefits.

How to become proficient in BIM: Learn, Practice, and get instant Feedback

We live in a changing world. Each industry around us is rapidly digitizing in response to surrounding challenges: increasing sustainability, geopolitical risks, economic volatility, and human resource challenges in a post-COVID society. The AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) is not an exception here. EU is aiming for a 30% cut in its annual primary energy consumption by 2030, the war between Russia and Ukraine has impacted the European AEC industry profoundly by breaking supply chains. High unpredictability and cyclicality led Europe’s AEC industry to rely on temporary staff and subcontractors. And even these temporary teams are hard to find in time and with the required professionalism level – a quarter of construction companies are facing a scarcity of skilled design and construction workers. The answer to cover each of these modern trends is to drive the industry to digital transformation, to implement BIM (Building Informational Modeling) into each step more and more.

What is BIM augmented reality?

GAMMA AR represents a ground-breaking solution for the construction industry, facilitating the seamless transfer of data from Building Information Modeling (BIM) models to construction sites through the power of augmented reality. The tool’s efficacy has been widely recognized across numerous international projects, positioning GAMMA AR as the leading reference for BIM AR. In the following article, we will provide a detailed exploration of the concept of BIM AR and its attendant benefits, with specific reference to the functionality of our proprietary tool, GAMMA AR.