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ConTech TALKS : Ep1. with Caner Dolas

ConTech TALKS: Episode 1 with Caner Dolas
ConTech TALKS is a series of videos that feature the opinions of BIM and construction experts regarding the future and digitalization of the construction industry. During this first episode, Caner Dolas, CEO and co-founder of GAMMA Technologies, explains the advantages of augmented reality and shares his opinion on how the construction industry will evolve in the coming years.

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What is ConTech TALKS?

GAMMA AR launch ConTech TALKS, an interactive format of videos where Construction experts are invited to give their opinions of the digitalisation of the construction industry.

As it is named, ConTech TALKS will features talks about construction technology, a subject that we cherish at GAMMA AR and we are sure interest you too.

In this first episode, meet Caner Dolas, CEO and co-founder of GAMMA Technologies:

Watch the first episode of ConTech TALKS with Caner Dolas

Could you present yourself?

I am an architect by profession, and this is also why we do what we are doing. We are on a mission to reduce rework and errors on construction sites. 

Why Augmented Reality will make a change in the construction industry?

Augmented Reality makes construction much more intuitive. At the moment, there are different ways of transporting information to construction sites. One of them is plans! Another one is spreadsheets and different things. They are not very intuitive on sites, and they take a lot of administrative work in order to deliver the information. Augmented Reality can just access the BIM models of the planners and make it super easy to bring information directly to the sites. Which helps at the end everyone to understand things better. And by overlaying the planning directly on-site it just gets understandable for everyone. People know what they have to build and especially with complex problems where we have a lot of pipes for example that they are in different let’s say heights and compositions this is where people make a lot of mistakes. When using Augmented Reality, you can make directly clear what you are doing and at the same time, this allows for an object-based documentation on sites. Which allows to facilitate and streamline the process of bringing information directly from the sites back. That’s happens for the first time!  

What is the current state of digitalization in the industry?

I think if we speak about big construction companies, the design phases are very well done. People in big construction companies are usually very well-digitalized until it hits the construction phase. There we leave all the digitalization behind us and use plans like we used to do for millennia at the end. And Augmented Reality is changing this a lot because we have direct digital data that is already connected to what we have before. So at the moment, I think we can all do more on digitalization of the construction phase. 

What can we do more to digitalize the industry?

I think it’s all about educating people. Because there’s a lot of technologies out there that we can use to make things better. But in this moment, the problem is that we need to educate actually a lot of people in digital technologies especially in construction sites because here are many different types of people, there are many generations and we need to make sure that we bring this information on how to use digital tools to all the people on sites. Young people or the people that started to work in the last two years they are very good at this, but we need to also get the other generations to join the team. 

How do you see the future of the construction industry?

I think there is going to be a lot of new technologies that will be introduced. You can see directly at the moment, step by step, new technologies coming to the game. That means, there will be AR which will makes things much easier to build. Robotics will do a lot of changes. At the same time, 3D printing for different structures will also allow different kinds of architecture. There is a lot of things going on and at the same time with the rise of also using artificial Intelligence in the design phases, the needs for new methods on how we construct will arise because you cannot build organic forms let’s say cost efficiently with the current methods that we have. So you need to have different ways of doing that and I think new technologies like automation, robotics, and so on will all play a role to make it better. 

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