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GAMMA Technologies releases GAMMA AR 3.0

GAMMA Technologies releases GAMMA AR Version 3.0

[Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 11th November 2022] GAMMA Technologies today released version 3.0 of its product, GAMMA AR. This version focuses on improving the uploading of larger files to the platform.

“The Introduction of Navisworks in GAMMA AR brought in some new challenges, Navisworks models are very complex and therefore we performed core changes in the app to support even more complex models than before.”, says Jayan Jevanesan, CTO and Co-founder, GAMMA Technologies

“Knowing the limitations of smart devices in terms of memory and computational power when it comes to handling complex graphical models, we have modified our application to be more memory efficient, faster, and compatible with a bigger range of devices.”, says Kamelia Jamaati, Software Engineer, GAMMA Technologies

This new improvement is accompanied by additional features such as quick drift corrections using object recognition without the need to reposition the model. GAMMA Technologies is focusing its work on improving GAMMA AR for better and easier use on-site.

About the new features

GAMMA AR supports Navisworks models which can include a variety of different sources, such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, IFC, and Aveva RVM. Though it was already possible to download heavy and complex models; now with a significant reduction of the RAM memory by 70% to 90%, it is now possible to load much heavier models.

Important figures about GAMMA AR 3.0:

  • 50% more efficient in loading BIM models
  • 50% faster in processing BIM models



About GAMMA Technologies
GAMMA Technologies is a Luxembourg-based start-up with a multinational team seeking to promote paperless construction sites with an agile Augmented Reality solution. The product GAMMA AR overlays 3D Building Information Models (BIM) on the jobsite to prevent errors, increase efficiency and reduce time spent on documentation and follow-up.

Press Contact
GAMMA Technologies S.à r.l.
Laura Bocchibianchi

5 rue de Strasbourg,
L-2561 Luxembourg,

US: +1 415 800 3458
EU: +352 691 334 557


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