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Formitas and GAMMA AR Revolutionize BIM and AR Implementation in NRW’s Landmark Construction Project

ZfS Rendering © Kasp Architekten GmbH
Formitas AG, a leading company specializing in the digitization of the construction industry, is making significant strides in the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and augmented reality (AR) technology. In a groundbreaking partnership with the University Hospital of Cologne and medfacilities GmbH, Formitas is managing the BIM process and use of AR/VR of the Center for Metabolic Research (ZfS) in Cologne, supported by funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). As part of this ambitious project, Formitas is leveraging BIM expertise and introducing augmented reality app, GAMMA AR, to enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and optimize construction processes.

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BIM Transforming Construction Projects in NRW

The ZfS construction project represents a significant milestone as it marks the first comprehensive implementation of Building Information Modeling in a construction project commissioned by an entity of the state of NRW. The use of BIM methodologies began right from the project tendering phase, showcasing the commitment of the University Hospital of Cologne and its partners to leverage digital technologies for efficient project management.

Improving Coordination and Transparency

Formitas, as the BIM consultant, is playing a crucial role in overseeing BIM consultation and management throughout the project’s lifecycle. By utilizing BIM, the project aims to achieve cost, schedule, and quality objectives with greater transparency and coordination in planning. BIM allows for precise quantity takeoffs, avoids data duplication, and facilitates seamless data transfer to the Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system.

Open BIM for Enhanced Collaboration

The ZfS project exemplifies the concept of Open BIM, emphasizing collaboration and information exchange among all project stakeholders. Formitas is facilitating model-based planning and communication across all phases of the project. Standardized information models in an open format enable the exchange of data among various participants, ensuring seamless integration of complex laboratory technologies and providing high-quality clash-free models for later stages of the project.

Unlock the Potential of BIM Data In Operations

One of the key advantages of BIM implementation is its long-term value beyond the construction phase. The BIM data generated during the planning and construction of the ZfS will also serve as a valuable asset for the facility’s future operations. Formitas has developed an integration platform that enables easy access to all IFC models and related documentation for efficient implementation of BIM in operations. The platform empowers the facility operator to retrieve information about building components, facilitating proactive maintenance and precise decision-making in areas such as operating rooms and laboratories.

Introducing GAMMA AR: Enhancing Construction Efficiency with Augmented Reality

Formitas, as an innovator in the field of digital construction, is introducing GAMMA AR, an augmented reality app, to augment on-site construction activities. The app enables project teams to visualize and overlay 3D models onto the real-world environment, offering real-time insights and facilitating quick decision-making. NRW’s Minister for Building, Ina Scharrenbach, personally experienced the power of GAMMA AR during the ZfS topping out ceremony, witnessing its ability to streamline communication and identify necessary adjustments directly on-site.

ZfS AR auf der Baust facilities GmbH

A Promising Future for Digital Construction

The collaboration between medfacilities GmbH, Formitas, the University Hospital of Cologne, and other project partners marks a significant step forward in advancing digital construction practices in NRW. The successful implementation of BIM and the integration of GAMMA AR demonstrate the transformative potential of digital technologies in improving efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making in complex construction projects.


medfacilities GmbH, in partnership with Formitas and the University Hospital of Cologne is spearheading a groundbreaking construction project that showcases the power of BIM and augmented reality in revolutionizing the industry. By leveraging BIM expertise and introducing the innovative GAMMA AR app, the ZfS project is paving the way for a more efficient, transparent, and collaborative future in construction. As the project nears completion, it serves as a testament to the transformative impact of digital technologies in the realm of construction and sets a new standard for future projects in NRW and beyond.


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