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GAMMA AR is a finalist of the London Construction Awards

London Construction Awards GAMMA AR finalist
GAMMA AR, a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) solutions for the construction industry, has been announced as a finalist in the category Technological Innovation of the Year for the prestigious London Construction Awards. Recognized for its groundbreaking contributions to the sector, GAMMA AR's innovative approach has garnered attention and acclaim, positioning the company as a key player in transforming the way construction projects are visualized, designed, and executed.

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The London Construction Awards

The London Construction Awards (organized by London Build Expo), an annual event that celebrates excellence in the construction industry, has gained a reputation for recognizing and honoring remarkable achievements, groundbreaking innovations, and exceptional contributions across various categories. By providing a platform for professionals and companies to showcase their expertise, the awards drive the industry’s growth, inspire collaboration, and promote best practices in London’s construction landscape.

GAMMA AR's Pioneering Augmented Reality Solution

GAMMA AR has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of augmented reality, revolutionizing the construction industry with its immersive and interactive solutions. By seamlessly blending BIM models with the physical environment, their AR technology enables architects, engineers, and construction teams to visualize designs, identify potential issues before construction begins, and thus, facilitate the whole construction process.

Recognition as a Finalist

GAMMA Technologies applied in the Technological Innovation category. Its exceptional contributions to the construction industry have earned the company a well-deserved place as a finalist at the London Construction Awards. The nomination highlights their commitment to innovation, excellence, and driving positive change within the sector. The acknowledgment also serves as a testament to the increasing recognition and adoption of augmented reality as a transformative tool in the construction industry.

Looking Ahead

As a finalist for the London Construction Awards, GAMMA AR has not only gained industry recognition but has also positioned itself as a key player in shaping the future of construction through augmented reality. The company’s innovative solutions have the potential to revolutionize how projects are planned, visualized, and executed, ultimately leading to more efficient and sustainable construction practices.

See you at the awards ceremony on 22nd September 2023 in London to cheer and support the GAMMA AR team in the tight competition.


GAMMA AR’s selection as a finalist for the London Construction Awards showcases their groundbreaking achievements and contributions to the construction industry. Their pioneering augmented reality solutions have the power to transform the way construction projects are envisioned and executed. With their innovative approach, GAMMA AR is paving the way for a new era of immersive and data-driven construction practices, bringing enhanced efficiency and improved outcomes to the industry.


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