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GAMMA AR for Issue Management

GAMMA AR for Issue Management
In construction projects, Issue Management can easily be a scourge. Construction managers must identify, document, and resolve issues on a construction site, which is chaotic when you do not work with the right tools. All construction projects should work with an issue management tool, and we have the solution. In this article we are going to review the benefits to work with a construction software that overlay the BIM models to the construction site and facilitate the work of construction managers.

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Construction managers coordinate and supervise the construction of buildings. They proactively identify, mitigate, and track construction issues. In this matter, they must work with the right tool to efficiently do their work.

How construction managers handle Issue Management right now

Construction managers liaise between a lot of stakeholders, which include general contractors, engineers, architects. To oversee the construction process, construction managers always work between the jobsite and the office.

On the jobsite, the construction manager identifies the issues, mark them on his plans or other areas, takes photos of the encountered problems, then to communicate them from the site to the office, they need to go through multiple steps: writing emails, making phone calls, scanning plans with markings and drawings, making photos. An important time lost, especially when we know the tight deadlines the stakeholders of a construction project face. This amount of time lost leads to late in the handover of a project.

The new way to control Issue Management

Although it can be difficult to manage the issues on the construction site, it should not be any more with GAMMA AR. It is a construction management software that places the BIM model on the construction site using augmented reality. The app allows, thanks to AR technology, to compare the plan with the site and manage the different issues.

Here is a list of the different benefits:

Preview the work

GAMMA AR intuitively brings the BIM model to the jobsite and allows to visualize walls, pipes, objects, and any element that must be build, in real life. In that way, it is very easy to know exactly where to drill a hole for example. All the user need is to take his/her phone or tablet, select a space, wall, or column as a reference to position the BIM model, take a reference corner and overlay it in the reality.

Communicate easily with the stakeholders

No need to struggle anymore at communicating the issues to the team. Instead of having to go back to the office to send an email, just create an issue in GAMMA AR. this will allow to have a task with photos and descriptions of the problem, assigned to the right person with the right deadline. All these issues can be found on the GAMMA BIM PORTAL, and can be exported in BCF, CSV, and PDF to communicate with the stakeholders.

Track the progress

All the created issues can be easily found on the GAMMA BIM PORTAL, a platform connected to Autodesk Construction Cloud, Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk BIM 360, and Autodesk Build. With GAMMA AR, all the issues that were previously collected on the field are delivered in real time on the portal. It allows, not only to manage the issues, but allows to track the progress of your construction project.

Issue Management with GAMMA AR

GAMMA AR allows to collect and attach issues information to BIM building components, and to assign tasks to the team to prevent errors and rework. In traditional construction, the information was gathered manually from different sources, which is inefficient, as seen above.

With GAMMA AR, get the information in a unique place with clear documentation (images, description, revision states, due dates, assignments, precise location information). The construction manager creates an issue on the BIM building components, describe on the app the problem and assign to the right person in the team with specific deadlines.


GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models to the construction site using Augmented Reality. Check out the features of the software and start your 30-day free trial now.

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