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GAMMA AR is exhibiting at NXT BLD

NXT BLD is an event that focuses on new technologies brought to the construction industry. The sixth edition will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, on 21 June 2022. Meet GAMMA AR at stand 23 to learn how augmented reality helps bring the BIM models to the construction site to ensure quality building.

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NXT BLD, the event that highlights technology in the construction industry

This year, for their sixth event, NXT BLD 2022 will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, in London, on 21 June 2022. Among the topics being explored by the conference are digital fabrication, robots, 3D printing, IoT, generative design, virtual and augmented reality, as well as real-time design visualization.

This year’s NXT BLD provides an exclusive platform for showcasing next-generation technologies, including the use of 3D models, the application of artificial intelligence, and the possibilities of digital fabrication and construction.

NXT BLD is organized by AEC Magazine, which has covered technological developments, processes, and companies driving the transformation of the construction industry.

About AEC Magazine

Launched in 2002, AEC Magazine is the only global publication that provides in-depth coverage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and beyond, specifically for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. From concept, design, and construction through to operations, it provides support for projects.

Providing industry commentary and technical reviews, as well as case studies, the magazine helps construction professionals adopt 3D, model-based workflows and increase efficiency and productivity.

AEC Magazine is published bi-monthly in digital and print editions and is a constantly evolving web resource.

A one-day conference and exhibition will showcase all of these technologies at NXT BLD and online, allowing delegates a glimpse of the future of AEC technologies. It will be an opportunity to meet and discuss GAMMA AR, a construction app that is disrupting the construction industry by bringing BIM models to the jobsite through the use of augmented reality.

GAMMA AR, the app that revolutionizes the construction industry

GAMMA AR is a Silver Sponsor of NXT BLD 2022 and will exhibit at stand 23. Here is an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of using augmented reality to make BIM models physically accessible to construction sites for better management of construction projects.

GAMMA AR is an app designed to aid in the management of construction projects. Bringing BIM models onto the construction site with augmented reality is an effective solution for eliminating reworks, lowering project costs, and improving communication between the site and the office.

The case of the project Frankfurter Allee 218

GAMMA AR is used on the construction site for documentation and monitoring inspection of the Frankfurter Allee 218. The project is entrusted to pde Integrale Planung GmbH by HOWOGE as the client, Baumschlager Eberle Architekten as the general planner, and PORR Deutschland as the construction company responsible for the build, who was closely involved in the BIM processes.

Using GAMMA AR for the team enables a real-time comparison between the planning and the jobsite. Combining AR with BIM has many benefits. More than just helping with precisely comparing the model with the reality, it allows to create object-based issues for efficient building documentation and facilitates communication with the team.

On the Frankfurter Allee 218 project, they continue working with BIM Collaboration Format, which is possible with GAMMA AR. The software makes it possible to export BCF files, which allows stakeholders to continue using the sharing format for documentation matters. This way of working simplifies the creation of the as-built documentation.

GAMMA AR reduced the time needed for precise documentation and inspection of the building’s shell to just 20 minutes per floor.

Meet GAMMA AR at stand 23

GAMMA AR will exhibit throughout the day at NXT BLD at stand 23. This will be the opportunity to showcase the full potential of the construction app and discuss the importance of innovating and implementing technologies in the construction industry.

The team is looking forward to meeting all of you!


GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models to the construction site using Augmented Reality. Check out the features of the software and start your 30-day free trial now.

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