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Autodesk University Call for Proposals is back!

Autodesk University call for proposal GAMMA AR
Autodesk University is back on September 27th in New Orleans, so is the call for proposals. For this occasion, Caner Dolas, Co-Founder of GAMMA AR is proposing a class on how to end the age of paper quality management on construction sites using Augmented Reality and BIM 360. Check it out.

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Autodesk University will return as an in-person conference in New Orleans between the 27th and 29th of September. This year, the Call for Proposals is open until April 15.

The learning focus for AU is to propose classes that are focused on strategy, insight, and inspiration. Innovators and thought leaders of the industry are invited to submit classes about digital construction and innovation for sustainability.

We are delighted to present the proposal of Caner Dolas, Co-Founder of GAMMA AR, on how to end the age of paper quality management on construction sites using Augmented Reality and BIM 360.

Here is an overview of Caner’s proposal:

How can we foresee at the construction pit what must be built? Learn how Augmented Reality (AR) solved this problem for BAM Bouw en Techniek of the Accelerator Project in the Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands. The Science Park is the largest campus of the University of Utrecht. In this case study, we will dive deep into the process of the project and implementation of an integration between Autodesk Construction Cloud and AR solution GAMMA AR to help the teams preview the construction works and manage the job site efficiently. Discover how AR can prevent errors, and check the installation works, saving days of work usually spent in errors and rework. Learn more about the integration of BIM 360 Document Management & Autodesk Docs with Augmented reality-based Field Management. “Augmented Reality is the death of paper processes, and the beginning of intelligent construction processes that utilize and create data for analysis” concludes Arnoud, BIM Manager at BAM Bouw en Techniek.

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