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What is digital construction?

Use of digital construction GAMMA AR
The construction industry affects us all. And in recent years, it has faced a number of challenges: climate change, sustainability, lagging productivity, and financial pressure. Until this day, we are creating and trying to find answers to these challenges via digital technologies. Digital technologies provide the construction industry with an opportunity to find innovative solutions to cope with a changing environment that could greatly impact the industry. In this article, we are going to define what digital construction is and give some examples.

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Definition of Digital Construction

According to The B1M, digital construction is “the use and application of digital tools to improve the process of delivering and operating the built environment”. For Autodesk, it is the “application of data technology in the construction process to inform all aspects of a project from design to turnover.”

Throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project, digital technologies have enabled new ways of working. It is all about enhancing the safety and efficiency of the built environment, as well as collaboratively delivering, operating, and rejuvenating it.

Benefits of Digital Construction

Collaborate seamlessly: Digital construction technology allows seamless collaboration across all disciplines on any construction project, wherever it takes place.

Enhance productivity and reduce costs: Allows for the identification of labor and material savings before the project is initiated.

Increase construction safety: To make construction safer, it is necessary to visualize and plan site logistics ahead of time to pinpoint and address any potential hazards.

Enhance building handover by integrating BIM data generated during design and construction with facility operations.

The digital construction technologies that shape the industry

digital technologies throughout the construction lifecycle Deloitte on GAMMA AR
Point of View on Digital Construction - Deloitte

An example of a Digital Construction: GAMMA AR

GAMMA AR is a good example of a digital construction. It is a construction app that combines BIM and augmented reality to visualize the planning on the construction site and compare it with the reality.

It shows how digital technologies improve the work in the industry. With GAMMA AR, it becomes easy to build according to the plan and thus, avoid errors and rework. Digital construction helps to save time and money during the entire lifecycle of a construction project, from the design phase to the destruction of the building.

Benefits of digital construction GAMMA AR

Prevention of errors and rework

Using a phone or tablet, the entire plan can be viewed directly on the construction site, which prevents errors and rework. The purpose of this is to ensure that everything is executed according to the plan. You can rely on GAMMA AR throughout the entire construction process, as well as before anything is built, to make sure that no mistakes are made.

Communication and collaboration made easy

Communicate with ease between the office and the construction site: While communicating may be challenging due to the distance between the office and the construction site, GAMMA AR makes it easier to collaborate with your colleagues. It is possible to eliminate communication problems by simply creating tasks that are directly emailed to the relevant project members.

Simple progress tracking

All information is object-based, which allows you to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of progress.

A precise building handover

In a classic building handover, the contractor and client visit the construction site to ensure that all objects are properly positioned. There is a great deal of paperwork involved in keeping track of this process. GAMMA AR is paperless construction management software that facilitates efficient and effective handovers by checking elements and creating issues. It is thus possible to determine whether or not that element of construction is valid while storing all the necessary data in one location.


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