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Top 4 Common Problems encountered in construction projects solved with BIM and AR

architect resolving common construction problems with BIM and AR
There are multiple problems encountered in construction projects. These problems can be simply solved thanks to BIM and digital Construction Technology. A technology that is necessary for the construction industry today. Get a view of these problems and how to solve them with BIM and AR technology for the construction industry.

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Bad communication between the field and the office

A construction project includes multiple stakeholders, operating from different locations. Therefore, communication is the key to an efficient construction project. thanks to a construction management app, the project risks less lack of communication and thus, fewer risks of delays and errors. The construction industry encounter problems of getting updated information of the buildings back into the plans. This leads to mistakes and bad coordination between the stakeholders like we are going to see below:

Poor Planning Coordination

Bad communication leads to poor planning coordination. Indeed, communicating using multiple 2D plans can be very risky. We can encounter changes during the construction that can have huge consequences. For example, a plumbing contractor arrives on the jobsite and installs water pipes. The plan shows a water pipe in a specific direction, but since he cannot see clearly why, he will build it straight. Which forces the other person that comes after, to change all his plans. Waste of time.

In 2D one cannot represent everything as with 3D. 3D plans are easier to understand, and 2D plans are not intuitive, which leads to misreading the plans or overseeing what to do first. Therefore, BIM is the right solution for modeling plans that you can then overlay on the construction site with an AR Construction App.

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Building Handover

The building handover is now done on paper and is not brought back to the model, breaking the information flow from digital to non-digital/non-computer interpretable information. We already discussed in detail this matter in a special article about Easy and Fast Building Handover with GAMMA AR.

The best example is the door schedule. The information about doors is delivered to the construction site with plans but also with door schedules with many different parameters. The person in charge not only has to check the plans but also the spreadsheets, which may be complicated and misread. Here is an example of what a spreadsheet looks like.

By using a BIM + AR Construction app, you minimize the risks of misreading or forgetting elements. Using Augmented Reality on the construction site helps the different stakeholders to compare the 3D BIM planning to the actual jobsite.

Document and Issue Management

A construction project includes lots of documents. The handling of all this documentation can be laborious to take care of. With construction technology and construction management software in place, monitoring your jobsite and any issue on the field directly from your smartphone is easier.

The GAMMA AR Construction App is a great tool for Issue Management, by collecting and attaching any issue information to BIM building components inside the BIM models.


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