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Augmented Reality for Architects

Why Augmented Reality solutions are essential for architects

Oversee the construction site, check if the design is executed as planned on site are some of the many priorities of an architect. To be able to work efficiently, GAMMA AR helps with the preview of the model on the jobsite, but also with Issue management, and progress tracking. In this blog, we will review how the AR solution is essential for architects.

buildings built with bim

These buildings you did not know were built with BIM

Special edition for this Most Extraordinary Buildings series. Not 4 but 5 buildings you may not know were built with BIM. BIM technology has revolutionized the way we built. To take the definition of Autodesk, it is the foundation of digital transformation in the AEC industry. Let’s take a look at these incredible constructions.

Italian winner of 2020 European Cup in Wembley Stadium building

The great stories behind the Stadiums where Europe played the 2020 European Cup

Sunday, July 11th marked the end of the 2020 European Cup, with the victory of Italy. A great moment of emotion and sharing – despite the sanitary restrictions – for Europe. In honor of this finale, we would like to highlight the 11 stadiums that hosted the 24 European teams. What do you know about the story of these stadiums? About the architecture?

Whether you are an architecture lover, a Football passionate, or just a curious user: Let’s find out now!