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What Are the Best Complementaries Tech to AR?

Written by Anton Kaplun

complementaries tech by Anton Kaplun on GAMMA AR
AR implementation has proven itself as an immediate General Contractor’s (GC) Pain Reliever. It’s offering actuality and up-to-date info, keeping the Design aligned with the Construction, and empowering trust between Office and Field teams. This time, let’s speak about another Tech solution that can be a complementary tech to it.

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Cut the Rework with AR and Robotics

Cutting the rework is a main GC dream. Exact statistics on re-work on construction sites due to human mistakes can vary depending on the specific project, location, and industry sector. However, it is widely acknowledged that rework caused by human errors is a significant challenge in the construction industry. From 12% to 48% of rework mistakes can be caused by human errors, including design mistakes, material selection errors and workmanship issues. The obvious solution –  is to delegate some work to Robotics.

Meet the advanced cohort of construction robotics:

Implementing these robotics platforms can streamline project participants’ communication, ensure real-time updates, improve quality control by automating repetitive tasks and minimise the risk of injuries.

Does it sound similar to all the benefits we discussed about AR?
For sure! That’s why Robotics and AR can be 2 sides of the same coin. Development of new workflows and processes, training programs for the field team and Information exchange through AR platforms (check more info here) – Robotics and AR are an invincible Tandem!

Complementing AR with printing

The Core feature of almost all AR in Construction products – is to show the BIM Model aligned with a building site. So what are the solutions to make aligning on site easy?

Autonomous construction site layout platforms like HP Site print or Dusty Robotics print project layout right on the floor surface. It helps project teams dramatically reduce schedule time and rework costs through accurate, full-scale printed layouts.

Site layout can be printed on various supports such as concrete, asphalt, wood, roofing, and even on a sloping ground up to 15% (check BIMPRINTER solution). The automation of building layout is approved for doing the job fast, accurately, and even up to three times better than traditional methods.

The alternative way to bring 2D/3D BIM to field workers is a laser projecting (LightYX). It’s an APR (Adaptive Projected Reality) technology that projects any 2D or 3D blueprints onto the construction surface itself with an accurate laser down to the millimeters.

Both solutions (print site layout, or project it) are very precise. However, the biggest shortcoming of those solutions is that they make the pattern on the 2D surfaces (walls, floors, ceiling), but cannot actually show how things need to be arranged that are “within the space” – that’s where AR is complementary. If you want to see how the pipes need to be organized, you can only do so with AR, since you might only have the projection of 2-3 holes on the walls with printing/projecting, which is not enough to understand what needs to be done.

GAMMA AR solution is on the same page with printed layouts but covers 2D disadvantages. It presents a 1:1 scaled 3D object appearance and allows for  building right and building fast the first time. Project teams like it because it’s accurate and it’s fast. Trade partners love it because it’s simple and it’s easy to implement – it’s closing the gap between the office and the field.


The construction world is in the midst of digital transformation. Robotics, building site printers, and AR solutions bridge the gap between the digital twin of a project and its set-up on site.

Site layout platforms are one of the most complementary technologies to AR and vice versa. Print your plain drawing on the floor and align a 1:1 scale AR model with it to open new architectural possibilities. Show the complex MEP systems in 3D by AR, and easily share data with non-AR teammates by printing any work plane from the model on the floor,  to increase precision, and reduce waste.

Of course, it’s important to consider the potential disadvantages Robotics solution may present: High Initial Investment, Cost and Time Constraints, Limitations in Complex Structures, etc. But combining other ConTech solutions with GAMMA AR  can mitigate innovative practice pain points: skill gap, data management and the cost barrier.

Let’s make the first step to Smart Construction together! GAMMA AR mobile solution provides all benefits listed above: streamline communication, ensure real-time updates, and reduce rework, but has a low entry threshold – all you need is only a smartphone or a tablet and download it on iOS or Android.


GAMMA AR is a Construction App that brings BIM models to the construction site using Augmented Reality. Check out the features of the software and start your 30-day free trial now.

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